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10 Valentine's Day Soul Nurturing Ideas for Single People

admin Satori Nation Monday, February 13th 2012.

by Gabrielle Conde

Feeling like you want to escape seeing red hearts and kisses this year? Valentine's Day is thrilling when you have someone to share it, but not so much when you don't. If Valentine's Day reminds you more about how you don't have anyone to share the day with than about sharing love, then use one of these ideas to nurture your soul.

  1. Love yourself.

You're exactly where you need to be right now in this moment. If you're wondering whether you'll ever meet the right person for you, know that you will. View yourself in peace that your love life will work out. It starts with self-love.

Loving yourself is the crowning gain to help you meet your match. Without self-love, you're letting monkey mind cause chaos and run you down. According to a new study posted by Rutgers, Positive Psychology, including self-affirmations, has mental and health benefits that help people increase healthy lifestyle behavior.

Nurture yourself by quieting your mind and speaking positive affirmations to remind yourself that you're waiting for the right person who is your perfect ten, your match spiritually, mentally, and bodily.

  1. Claim time for reflection.

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to reflect on the past year. Give thanks and celebrate the milestones you've carried out. In a recent article on ABC News, Mitch Wasden, CEO of Ochsner Medical Center in Baton Rouge, Louisiana said that thankfulness releases dopamine, which is a chemical in our brains that makes us feel happy. He said that by concentrating on those wins and giving thanks, we feel that energy.

Take time to reflect on the good from this past year. Then take time to focus on what you want. When you put your attention towards more of what you want instead of what you don't want, you'll start attracting more opportunities.

  1. Journal your heart's need.

Journaling is a powerful way to create plans, release wants to the Universe, and create stories yet untold. It's also a way to increase your awareness. Opportunities often come to people who stay stuck in the mindset that they're waiting on the right opportunity. They don't realize that acting on these, leads to the right opportunity. In essence, every opportunity is the right one.

If you're not sure about opportunities that come to you, journal what's going on in your life. Building awareness will increase your notice of opportunities.

  1. Plan a date with yourself.

It may sound hokey, but nurture yourself this Valentine's Day by going out alone, with a friend or a group of friends. If you enjoy coffee, stop by Starbucks because they usually have live music, special romantic lighting and your favorite coffee to enjoy. Getting out and enjoying the romantic atmosphere many restaurants and coffee shops heighten on this day is mood lifting and will nurture your soul more than you think.

  1. Create a work of art.

Engage your right brain to flow in creative spirit. By creating a work of art, you also release thoughts, ideas and feelings from your subconscious. Try your hand at painting or designing a piece of jewelry. Take pictures around the house or outside and arrange them in a frame, enlivening the space around you.

Even if you never plan to share the artwork, lose yourself in the moment of creation that helps you relax.

  1. Learn something new today.

What have you always wanted to learn? Check out different classes in your local area and online. There's a class on all types of hobbies, including dance lessons, astrology, healthy eating and meditation.

Several years ago, Mary Murphy, judge for the TV show So You Think You Can Dance, decided to take dance lessons after a painful divorce. She found her passion and look where she is now. What can you learn today?

  1. Treat yourself.

Chocolate isn't the only treat you can buy on Valentine's Day. Buy some flowers. According to Cognitive Daily, 100% of women in a recent study smiled authentically when they received flowers as a gift on Valentine's Day.

Seeing bright, beautiful flowers and taking in the aroma will help improve your mood.

  1. Realize your higher values and choice to be single.

You've possibly been attracting the wrong people into your life or are going through a time where no one's approaching you. That's okay. Realize that you have limits to who or what you accept into your life. You're entitled to them.

Knowing you want the highest possible love to enter your life is key to keeping a positive mindset during the waiting period. Stand in your higher value and realize that you're empowering your life to attract the right person to you.

  1. Honor your feelings.

Nurturing yourself begins with accepting what you feel. Instead of stuffing down feelings of sadness and regret or guilt for letting go of former lovers, you can let go. Realize that being single on Valentine's Day can often bring these feelings to surface.

By honoring your feelings over these circumstances, you can get to the root of the issue that was present in those relationships. Remind yourself of the situation if they come up and the reason for letting go. Honor the lesson you learned then.

  1. Make some goals.

Creating goals will help you take your mind off your current situation if you're down in the dumps about being single on Valentine's Day. Create goals to help you meet more people. By meeting more people, you put yourself out there to meet the right partner for you.

About the Author:

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