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5 steps to manifesting a healthy relationship

mediumMarie Medium Marie Thursday, December 13th 2012.

As a Psychic and Spiritual Advisor, I often hear clients asking to find their soul mate, even amongst those who are presently married (obviously unhappily). In life there are many journeys and lessons. There is a time we reach a point in which we have done our soul-searching. Now we are looking for a partner to compliment our lives – and continue with us on the rest of life's journey. Yet many people I speak with find themselves alone, or in dead-end relationships. I've outlined 5 simple - and powerful - steps to help you create the vibration you need to attract your specific life partner.

This is a fool-proof way to attract a healthy relationship. Don't be nervous! Let’s get started:

1. On paper, write down everything you are looking for in a man/woman. Be very specific and include everything, focusing mainly on the core qualities of the person, more so than the physical (you can focus on the psychical but remember with age, that long haired man may become your bald shining knight in armor with age).

2. Re-read your list. Is there something you listed that you feel you personally need to improve on? Work on these things!

1 You may want an athletic partner, but you personally haven't seen a gym in months. Get a gym membership! Become physically active. If physical health is important to you in a partner, your partner needs to see the same values reflected in yourself.

2. Do you want a financially stable/wealthy partner? Take a look at yourself. How is your personal financial debt? If you need improvement in this area, seek the guidance of a financial planner. Start taking responsibility of your finances. Many, if not most, financially stable individuals will not partner with someone who cannot manage their own personal finances.

3. Are you looking for someone who relaxed and handles their anger well? Now, take a moment pause ... How do you handle life challenges? Do you react or overact? Do you take control of situations, or fall victim? If you feel you need improvement here: learning how to discipline your thoughts and emotions when faced with a challenging circumstance is key. Incorporate yoga, martial arts or/and meditation into your daily life. Each discipline, if not all three will dramatically help you harness your ability to focus, find balance and control your mind and emotions.

Once completed a partner that matches you energetic level will appear. Why? Because we are all magnets. Both composed of energy. Whatever attracts you, the same will be attracted to you. In short: in order for you to attract someone with the qualities you want, you have to be those qualities first. This is why many Spiritual Advisors advise you to "work on yourself."

3. Inner happiness is the only true happiness. As you work on those qualities, if you do not already, you will learn to like or even love yourself. You'll enjoy your own company! You will find that you will grow stronger and more confident, and when the timing is right the partner that compliments yourself will appear. You will learn along the way that you are: valuable, worthy of all good, and do not need to settle for anything less than what you desire. When opportunities arise to date - question - does this person fit that qualities I am looking for? If not, it is okay to decline. Do not be afraid to speak your mind. A simple, "no thank you" will free you from painful and unnecessary blind dates. Waiting is not compromising, when you know what you want.

4. Learn to say no. Waiting is the hardest part for everyone. People by nature want what they want when they want it. You may find someone but when doing the hunting yourself and not waiting for the Universe to bring you the person you desire, it will create another detour in your life with more lessons to learn. In addition, if you push ahead to find this person and you haven't completed all the work on yourself, you will actually attract (find) someone less than you desire. The reason is because you are attracting someone where you are at this moment. Are you happy with whom you are at this moment? Again, it’s about your vibration connecting with someone else’s (your potential partner's) vibration at the same level.

5.Remove the timeline. It's always said, "You will find love when you least expect it". You will be busy living your life. You will meet someone, at first you may not consider him/her your soulmate, but after a few dates something may begin to happen. Over time you may notice that those qualities you asked for are surfacing. Sometimes a gift is right in front of your face but you don’t see it clearly. This foolproof way of invoking your soulmate - it is authentic. You will have to wait for the perfect timing of it to unfold. Patience is an art. Waiting always brings you the desire of your heart unless you get in the way. If you try to make it happen when you want it to happen, you are getting in the way.

Recap of the 5 steps to manifest your soulmate:

1. Write it down on paper a physical list of ALL the qualities you wish for this person to have. Be very specific!

Physical characteristics are okay to list as well, but focus on the inner qualities. Keep the list visible so you can read it over frequently, perhaps even placing it on your bathroom mirror.

2. Any qualities on your list that you don't do well, begin working on changing them. Remember that you are the magnet and so you must become what you desire in another!

3. Find inner happiness.

4. Learn to say no and be thankful - Don't settle for someone who is less than your energetic match. Even if they have not arrived yet, be thankful for this person who is coming to you in divine timing.

5. Remove the timeline. Get out of the way of the universal energy that is now working on fulfilling your request. Know that you do not need to do anything. This is key because humans by nature think they must do something in order to get what they want. Actually, everything in alignment with your soul’s true desire comes effortlessly.

The beauty in all of this is the ease at which it is brought to you when you are in the place of knowing, peace and trust.

If you are continually bemoaning your lack of a soulmate, worrying about it, or even angry because this soulmate isn’t finding you, you are in a negative emotional vibration of fear, and you can only bring more of the same into new life experiences.

In all of life the same principle works. Create an intention of what you desire; making sure it comes from a loving thought. Put it out to the universe and be thankful for it because by getting out of the way it will come to you in perfect timing. This is an inner knowing that all is working together for you. The universe wants to bring your desires to you. Try it. will be amazed!