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5 steps to successful online dating

deeSecrets Love Solutions Monday, July 29th 2013.

In today crazy, harsh world meeting the perfect man is like nailing jello to the wall.  So what is the modern woman to do. ...

Online dating.  It is a great way to find your way to Mr. Right, that is if you are smart and savvy.  As well as know a few things or two about it.

Here are some pointers:

1. Do take your time emailing and chatting with him before you meet him in person.   If he is a bad typist it is one thing but if he can't form sentence. Ask yourself if he is for you?  After having several exchanges with this guy you will gain more insight about him.  You will see his response time and how attentive he is with follow up.  Use technology to observe and discover who this guy is by watching how he interacts with you.  Before you waste your time meeting him for coffee.

2. Do be careful.  As there are many men that are completely dishonest. Yes, married men are rampant on dating sites.   
3. Be sure to ask and get a home number and as much information as you can before you meet.  If he is secretive about home address and or phone number, that may be because he is actually married. 

4. Do post a realistic profile.  Current photos are best.  Be real. You are lovable no matter what size or shape you are.  There is someone out there that will love you just as you are.  Post your real activities you do, not things that you want or dream of doing. Be 100% authenticic.

5. Do keep profile short and to the point.  No long stories of your life or what went wrong in your last relationship.  Be upbeat and positive.  Moving in a forward motion is what your tone needs to be.

When you put the effort and the energy out there, you will find you get the same in return.  

Work on yourself if necessary, that means you must be baggage free.  Before you enter this process be free of issues from past relationships.  

This is a process. You must have patience and you must believe that the right one is out there looking for you.   

No special jello nails required.