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Achieve success by overcoming your disbelief

kateSinerFrancis Kate Siner Francis, PhD Thursday, May 17th 2012.

I am sure that you have heard the expression that success is a habit. Well it is accurate. Some of us were fortunate enough to learn the habit as we grew up, some of us learned it but only in certain areas of our life, and some of us did not get the information we needed to thrive and as a result success does not seem possible. But success, in whatever way you see it, does not need to be elusive anymore. With the right information and the right support, you can have the life you have most deeply wanted.

Steps to take to counteract a habit of disbelief:

  • Dream: Set aside a half hour and imagine what things would be like were they exactly how you wanted to them to be. Write this down and reread it daily to help keep you on track.
  • Get Help: Find someone who has figured out how to do what you most want to do and ask for his or her help with developing your plan.
  • Take another look: Look at you life. Chances are there are many examples of how you proved your inner critic wrong. Not only does this prove that you can do it again but it also provides clues on how you can break through your own perceived boundaries.

If we are really mired in our disbelief that we can have what it is that we most deeply want then these suggestions can appear simplistic. If this is you, don’t let your disbelief win here as well. Give these suggestions a try!

It is also always possible that a person might be dealing with depression as well as a general sense of disbelief about their deepest wants and desires. If you have been feeling hopeless consistently for a long period of time, you might benefit from getting an assessment from a health care professional.