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Candles and Energy Work

oseaana Oseaana Sunday, May 3rd 2015.

When you need a simple petition or prayer answered, allow me to set a light for you. Setting lights is an old time tradition whereupon a petition or name-paper is written, then a burning a candle is placed upon it and the flame is tended until it goes out. 

Your candle is burned on one of my sacred altars; these altars are each created and tended daily for special and distinct purposes. When I set a light for you, I pray for your situation, light a properly and carefully dressed novena-style candle (with appropriate herbs and oils that are aligned with your request), and burn it over a paper containing your petition for 7 days.

This is a great option if you can't tend to a candle yourself due to your living situation, or if you need to keep your work confidential. 

Candles burned for love and romance can assist in attracting that perfect mate, bringing more romance into your life, or keeping a current relationship happy.

Candles burned for money and career can assist in a job search, attracting abundance and good fortune, or bringing wealth and prosperity.

Allow me to light a candle for you to add to the energy of your intentions, wants, needs, and desires. 

For this service I will need your name (and names of the people involved if any), your birthdate, and a photo(s) if available.

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