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Following our Authentic Path

millerangel33 Lynn Miller Wednesday, November 7th 2012.

  I am very dedicated with my clients in helping them follow their passions in Life. So often we "settle" for various reasons with people and situations  that don't fullfill our soul purpose. Whether for financial insecurity or emotional insecurity and we can fall into the habit ending up stuck.

 When we change our thinking from the negative thought process to the positive flow we naturally draw in the forces for us to create a path that will lead us to true happiness

   So many of us today are just "surviving" going through the motions of daily tasks and truly missing out on living! So what do we do about this? Well, take back the control. Realize you are the Captain of your own ship and YOU CAN HAVE YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE! BELIEVE and it shall be...

  I believe in creating an energy with our thoughts .Yes The Law Of Attraction. So many of us have written about it over the years. The Aquarian Doxology says it. Well it is true.Start everyday with a new outlook. If you realize your job is not making you happy and you dread going to work everyday than start focusing on what your "dream job" looks like. Make a mental plan a time frame for change to occur. Omit positive vibes daily. By this I mean share with others your thoughts and passions and you will start to create the flow of energy drawing those people into your life that are living on the path you wish to be on.

  This works for love and business.Whatever is making you "stuck" and unhappy choose to leave it behind.Make the decision for change and most importantly take the action to create it in the physical plane..Using our mental plane on a vibrational leval as well. What I mean by this again your thoughts everyday minute by minute! If a negative thought starts to enter you mind then imagine something crushing it ,push it out and replace the thought with one that comes from love.

 As I have heard many times in life and I believe in the simplicity of it immensly. There are only two paths we live one is the path of fear and the other is the path of love...Like the Nike campaign says " Just Do It"

                                   Lynn Miller