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Full Moon / Supermoon / Blood Moon / Lunar Eclipse in Leo

sivabit Diana Black Monday, January 29th 2018.

January 31, 2018 - Full Moon/ Supermoon/ Blood Moon/ Lunar Eclipse in Leo

This upcoming Full Moon in Leo is called a Supermoon because it will as close to the Earth as possible. Any Full Moon brings on the full flavor of the house and sign it occupies in the mundane (what you see in the sky) and the personal transit chart ( birth chart compared with mundane transits). These are often times of crisis or overwhelming abundance depending on the times. We may feel extra emotional for the next few days. This will occur in the sign of Leo which rules the heart, spine and circulatory system. Those will ailments in those areas can see great healing at this time. Leo also rules royalty and loyalty. We will see who our true friends are and who is just hanging on out of pride or a need to belong.

Don’t the “Blood Moon” designation scare you, it’s just that the moon will appear to be tinged in rusty red color and is just an optical illusion. It will be a great wonder to see! This is just a by product if the sunrise and sunset on the eclipse.

This is a great time to release old patterns and take up a new path of loyalty and generosity to those that you know that you can fully trust and love. Let go of friends and other ties that do not support you in a time of need.  Make a list of those you know are truly loyal to you and you feel the same way about.


We may see some sort of crisis in the world’s royal families and ruling dynasties. It will be good to try and take what you see and hear in the media with a grain of salt at this time. Leo loves drama so what is presented to us may be somewhat over the top and all together the truth.