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Full Moon in Capricorn

sivabit Diana Black Friday, July 7th 2017.

Full Moon in Capricorn

July 9, 2017

Sunday’s Full Moon in Capricorn is as intense as it gets as it is conjunct Pluto, the planet of passion and opposes to the sun and Mars, both strong masculine bodies.The good news is that whatever it brings to a head will finally burst and release all of tension inside in order to heal. The emphasis will be on home/career balance, respect for our elders/living our own truths, patriarchy/women and bullies/victims rights. This is a lot to take in but not everyone will be affected directly and the amount of drama will be determined by the individual birth chart.

In order to balance (Jupiter in Libra- which squares this full moon) the opposing forces in the issues that this full moon will bring up it is necessary for a crisis point to be reached, and that can be very traumatic or just a tad annoying based upon personal points and planets. If you are fortunate not to have these issues yourself you will surely know someone who is going through them at this time. Try to be a support to them and if you are experiencing these energies first hand you should know that whatever happens it won't be long before there is a clearing and a healing in your life.

We are here for you at Satori Nation during this Full Moon and all month long. We can help you in a variety of way figure out the best course of action for you to take.