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Weekly Horocopes ~ February 15 to 21, 2010

astrogrrl Jan | astrogrrl Sunday, February 14th 2010.

WeeklyScopes ~ February 15 to 21, 2010

Give In

* Days and times reflect North America EST

The week starts off with much of the weekend's energies still focused on relationships. Venus and Pluto hook up, and our significant ties gets a deeper look. All the while, Mars and Saturn also link up, and whatever actions or decisions we make have longterm or permanent affects. It's all very optimistic though because Neptune and Chiron finally perfect their union, offering up some hope and much needed healing or release. This is a rare astrological event that's been two years in the making. It is a powerful energy of gaining insight and breaking through. Do not let it pass without making use of it. Give in to the process. Elsewhere in the sky, Venus is also locked in an embrace with the planet of possibilities and happiness, Jupiter, giving support to Neptune and Chiron's efforts.

Thursday, the Sun leaves eclectic Aquarius for the more subdued Pisces. By the weekend, the Pisces-Sun will get in a pickle with Mars and Saturn. Conflict. Altercation. But the energy is that of passive-aggressiveness which can be frustrating for there isn't a productive release for the tension hovering in the air. The key is adjustment. Take the lead and respond with diplomacy and directness. Otherwise, learn to exercise patience and trust that situations will be addressed accordingly by early next week.

ARIES ~ 2010 began as a whirlwind for you. Not necessarily in a bad way, but it's been taxing on the body, mind and spirit. With your ruler, Mars, still in retrograde motion, there's been a lot more obstacles in your way, even in the simplest steps you've needed to take. This week, the Sun joins Venus and Jupiter in Pisces, giving you the license for some much needed repose. So, take it easy this week. Recharge yourself. You'll be glad you did by week's end.

TAURUS ~ Don't be surprised if everyone wants a little piece of you this week or if you're feeling like you need be out and about with friends. By mid-week, you'll have three planets in your house of social gatherings so, go ahead and accept every invite your little heart desires. Good times, ahead. You deserve it. Just keep a look out and steer clear of any work-related drama or you might really need happy hour, after hours :)

GEMINI ~ Overall a great week with the Sun soon joining lovely Venus and jovial Jupiter in your career house. Just watch out of possible power play with a superior or colleague at the start of the week and, perhaps, a recurrence at the end of the week. Venus and Jupiter blending energies offers you protection. If you must be involved in some type power struggle or office drama, your good public reputation will remain intact, especially to those who matter.

CANCER ~ We've been talking about letting go the past few weeks. Well, this is the week for final release. Neptune and Chiron finally meet. Think back to May 2009 of something you might have begun, had the resolve of starting, or whatever situations were occurring at that time. Perhaps, it's time to give something closure in order a proper start to happen. It's difficult to keep taking steps forward, only to keep getting yanked back to a place you'd much rather not revisit again. Face what you fear most and release them.

LEO ~ No doubt this week. There are some that may take advantage of Mars retrograde in your sign while Saturn retrograde in your house of thought, which may be causing you to be less than your usual decisive self. There is no need for doubt or confusion if you remind yourself to make decisions affirming what you believe in. Be driven by what motivates your heart/inner self rather than strictly what your mind can logically process, for therein lies the surety you seek.

VIRGO ~ For attached or married Virgos, find time to celebrate your partner this week. Those with children, watch out for a possible forceful push for independence or power struggle. They may be in the mood to try and expand their boundaries with you. Relatively smooth relations for Virgos in a business partnership. You and your partner may even come up with another grand idea for a new venture together. In money matters, however, keep with your budget. With two planets still in retrograde (in your income house and house of all that's hidden), unforseen events or situations may still come up that might incur expenses.

LIBRA ~ Find comfort and joy in your work and daily routines. Those in a “service” type of vocation may be surprised at how fulfilling work is and may find a renewed sense of affinity for the work they do. By week's end, however, others may be demanding too much of you, your time and energy. Saturn in your sign is teaching you about obligations to yourself, as it relates to your obligations to others. Exercise your right to say “no”, if saying “yes” will be at your expense. Helping others is noble and encouraged, but it's never a healthy course of action if one must neglect themselves to do it.

SCORPIO ~ Your ruler, Pluto, gets happy with Venus early on and gives the week a hopeful start. Feeling creative and the urge for starting projects. Connecting with children or a trip down memory lane might give you some inspiration. Give in to whatever personal journey you find yourself in this week. Let it stir things up within you. In work-related matters, watch out for any friction occurring in the workplace. If steering clear is not possible, take the higher road. 

SAGITTARIUS ~ For all that we aspire and what motivates those aspirations, it's really all quite simple, isn't it? We dream of “more” not only for our own sake but more importantly, for the family's benefit and enjoyment. May this be family you have now or one you plan on having someday. With the Sun joining Venus and Jupiter in your house of home and hearth, you're reminded of what is truly your source of happiness. Neptune and Chiron, meeting in your house of thought, are not only giving you food for thought but also a new way of seeing things, an improved way of processing thoughts and, by extension, communicating them.

CAPRICORN ~ Thinking of finances again? The difference, perhaps, is that this time around, you are a bit more hopeful about matters. Although issues (money or otherwise) haven't been completely resolved, they do not seem dire either. Don't be afraid to let yourself worry less. Let go of the need to control every little detail. You've done your part. Doors are opening, as we speak. You just need to be aware of opportunities being offered if you are to receive them. If you are busy minding what you can't do anything about, you'll miss what's being handed to you that you can do something about.

AQUARIUS ~ Neptune and Chiron meet up in your sign. This rare astrological event offers you the much needed healing or difficult release from what may have been holding you back – may it emotional hurts, psychologically binding thoughts/thought processes, spiritual blockages, etc. The Sun, Venus and Jupiter stimulate your income house now so, perhaps this “healing” will give a renewal to your finances. Think back to last May, when this energy was last strongest, what was going on then?

PISCES ~ Happy Birthday, early born Pisceans! Has it been all roses and warm, fuzzy feeling inside since Jupiter entered your sign a month ago? If not, it will be now. The Sun (vitality) joins Venus (love) and Jupiter (happiness) in your sign. The start and end of week may be a little prickly. Allow Neptune and Chiron combining energies in your house of insight in guiding you to awareness and clarity this week.