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July 11th TarotTuesday Answer

mediumMarie Medium Marie Tuesday, July 11th 2017.

Answers • July 11th 2017, SATORI community • Love & Emotional Freedom Reading • #tarottuesday #satorination 

“The possession of knowledge does not

kill the sense of wonder and mystery.

There is always more mystery.” - Anais Nin

1 - Judgement 

2 - The Sun 

3 - 7 of Swords 

Left  - Judgement 

Loves’ Recognition - “As above, so below” … Judgement indicates a time for self-recognition when you can feel good about all that you have accomplished; especially when it comes to your spiritual and holistic growth. Starting from this last Full Moon to now, you may be experiencing a POWERFUL feeling from your past, such as guilt, sadness or anger; which you will be reflecting upon and releasing (finally, this time around). Whatever your relationship status, the past and thoughts from our past brings an appreciation of love, and our growth in able to truly receive.

In a relationship? Looking back on your current relationships brings feelings of renewed happiness and satisfaction as you realize that you selected a partner who fulfills you and compliments you in areas in which you haven’t developed, yet. Even though there are challenges - you rather face these challenges with your current partner. This assessment and reflection on the time you have spent together, strengthens your bond. 

It’s very possible that you (both) have been going through an extra challenging time in the past few weeks, that may have had you praying to a higher source for help, and for emotional strength to pull through (even if you are not religious, you may have found yourself surprisingly seeking out divine guidance). This feeling of needing help, and allowing others to be of support to you (and you being of support to others) has further shaped your thoughts on the relationships in your life, as well as strengthen the bond in your relationship. “When I allow others to support me, I support them too.”

Dating or looking for a relationship? Judgement brings beginning and endings, presenting you with a second chances and fresh starts in love. That’s nice. You probably heard that before, and feel slightly jaded with starting over, again, with love - but that sarcasm is your self-protection talking. You may feel a little tired and not want to get “hurt” again. Sit with yourself for a bit, you realize you are more ready now than before. Regardless of your age, you realize that there has been tremendous spiritual growth this past year (even if you didn’t want it), and you’re emotionally wiser now in who you choose for a partner; and who you share your time. Also, some of you may feel drawn to a friend who becomes a lover. For those who got out of multi-year relationship year(s) ago (could be 3 ++ years ago). It’s very possible your former partner comes back into your life (after a years away, and growth on both parts). This isn’t for everyone reading this, the ones this channeled messages applies for, know that I’m writing directly to them; and this last part will resinate - and you are probably just starting to talk w/ that former partner now.

Middle  - The Sun The Sun’s fire touches you, and your relationship - giving you the warmth and light that you have needed to bring strength and success. It's also nice, because the weather is getting warmer too (depending on where on the globe you live), and we bring this warmth into our relationship with ourself and with friends, family & partnerships… we are lit with the light of the sun.

In a relationship? Look forward to a time of deserved success in which you both can enjoy some carefree and innocent moments; and perhaps a sense of rediscovering your youth or extra vitality. There a sense of relief, starting from this week forward. You (or your partner) may have successfully negotiated a new job offer or promotion, which brings a huge sense of relief and celebration … If not (or both), it could be that you (or partner) experience a recuperation from a long-standing illness / low vitality. Which allows you both to get back to participating in the normalcy of life, again. Some of you might be taking a few days off to celebrate, or spend time with friends and family. You can exhale and enjoy this togetherness (and family). For those who are family planning, you may experience this as a good time with positive steps moving you both forward in the process.

Dating or looking for a relationship? You're not fully there yet, when it comes to wanting to partner up. You’re starting to benefit and enjoy being single at this time, and are really waiting for the right person. However, you’ll go on dates, and meet people in group settings You’re wanting to be social. If you’re drawn to this card, you are putting energy into yourself, doing your hair (men, you too & rethinking their wardrobe), etc. You've also just had a mental breakthrough (or very soon), that is removing a limiting belief that you've been carrying, since your last relationship. Something that was holding you back for almost the past year. I'm happy to say that block is soon to be released, if not already, and the cloud of emotions will part, and you’ll feeling like YOU again. Some of you might also be changing your diet and exploring with new philosophy with food and your health (possibly exploring and adding paleo, pescetarian, macro or vegan dishes) and being good to yourself and possibly even hitting the gym. You might even be growing your own herbs, etc. You'll find that social invitations, at this time, will *finally* introduce you to really cool people. You’ll be expanding your social circle in a way that you'll feel fulfilled and glow (like the sun) - and be able to attract that person you've been wanting to attract. Before the summers end, you’ll have opportunities to step into something much more aligned to what you’ve been desiring.

Right - 7 of Swords If you’re drawn to 7 of Swords, there is an important need for communicating, in the most honest way possible. This also means you need to be honest with yourself. The 7 of Swords can be seen as a trickster, or cheater. Now, don’t go freakin’ out that your partner is cheating on lying to you … but this card almost always represents someone trying to get leg-up in the dynamics of a relationship (could also be a work or family relationship too) by withholding info for their own advantage. A lie by omission is a power play.

On a nicer note, It’s possible you’re not sharing your burdens / worries. Maybe you don’t feel strength that your concerns will be well received. From an outside perspective this can cause a “pull back” of energy, and your partner and / or friends can misinterpret the shift in dynamic the wrong way. Or, visa-versa - it’s possible the change in dynamics has to do with an immediate crisis in the other persons life, and they don’t want to burden your relationship / dynamic with heaviness. Things aren’t exactly as we think they are, because of withholding information, as I mentioned above.

This is NOT a time for confrontation, but a gentler approach to receive information. Step back and evaluate the situation, pressing into these matters can create resistance. This is where were sit back, check-in with ourselves and ask, does something not seem right? Then we wait, for things to unfold, to take the BEST course of action, when more info is available.

Also, there is a few of you who were drawn to this card (and you know who you are), that you’re not being honest with your actions. That’s your mind lied to you, i.e. (you’re worried about a 3rd party influence) that you’re on social media, trying to validate your worries. This can be dangerous, because like the movie  Memento, we can create stories that fit our assumption. John G.

And, since there’s a fox on here - fox medicine represents camouflage. If lately you’re being a "wallflower" to the point of disappearing, you may need to decide that you are worth noticing. Fox is as foolish as he is cunning, and you may have fooled yourself into believed that your low self-esteem is due to your being plain, a lie from a past relationship or having an ordinary life. This is camouflage of a different sort, in that you have camouflaged your true desire to experience life with friends, with you, and with purpose. You are put on notice to be aware of apathy and self-induced boredom. 

The fox also has a highly developed sense of smell, and aroma therapy would be a beneficial for anyone with fox medicine. If you’ve been feeling off lately, you might enjoy a scented candle, or essential oils.