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Astrology, Energy work, Presence Based Counseling helping you to empower yourself

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I offer Astrology, Transformative Body Centered and Presence Based Counseling with Intuitive Energy Work which helps you tune into your emotions and get clarity and understanding around any issue you wish to work on. 

This work puts the power back in your hands and allows you to connect and know yourself better. By looking inside for answers and understanding, you can effectively clear out past trauma and memories, re-write your history, and claim power over your present and future.

I have also studied alternative styles of healing for the past 20 years. I am a certified nutritional consultant, have studied herbal medicine, Crainosacral Therapy, and energy work as well.

I offer body centered and astrological counseling, energy work, natal chart interpretations, and forecast/transit readings. I can help you gain valuable insight into your personality, underlying patterns in your love life and career, and discover how you can make the best choices for yourself based on you individual needs and desires and the current transits.