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Experience a true psychic connection $25 for your first session

Lynn Miller

As seen on Bravo,VHI and Lifetime's's Television show "America's Psychic Challenge&quo...


 I have had a gift since I was a small child. I embraced this in my 20's after a near death experience. I have been working professionally as a "reader" for 15 years. I most recently appeared on the Lifetime show America's Psychic Challenge. I was a semi -finalist. I am known in the field to encompass most areas. I am able to perform as a Medium,Clairvoyant,Clairsensient,and Clairaudient.

  I am able to find the "blocks" my clients have in the present to enable them to draw in the positive energies that subconsciously they are preventing. I pick up on past "issues" and can help clients clear them. My accuracy as to names and dates is well known.I help my clients learn to utilize their own intuitive skills and uncover a new sense of navigating through isuues that may arise and be able to recognize any blocks that previously they may not have been aware of.

 I believe we all have the ability to "create" our path in life and I am able to see one's optimal way along this path and things that will present themselves to my clients. Making them aware of what to look out for and by doing this seizing many opportunities they may have missed without this awareness.Life is all about being aware of our choices and the "energies" around us and attracting the positive forces that create a chain reaction.

 I really excel in all areas my clients over the years have been both women and men. Business and relationship issues. There really is no area I cannot tap into. I have assisted many clients who have utilized my skill as a medium as well. Many times loved ones come through just for confirmation and often times as a guide with important messages.

 All I can say is I have never had a disatisfied client over the years. I love what I do. It truly is a blessing. We all have special "gifts" in life to offer. Let me help you uncover your Life's potential and rid the obstacles in your way. Resolve any "cycle" That keeps circling you...We only have the present to change the future...So start today!!