The theme for May is “Unveiling The Truth”

This Month is likely to set a few things straight by the time we reach the end of it. Mercury and Venus will be direct and at full speed, bringing a new vision to all the introspection, reworking, reconfiguring, and revisiting we’ve been doing over the last few months. Clarity around values, relationships, and self-love will emerge where there once was confusion. We’ve dismantled, dissected, and healed some of our most challenging addictions, wounds, and illusions. Aries and Sag Fire has burned the old to ash, Pisces water gave nourishment to the seedlings and this month we see new beginnings arising and new foundations being constructed out of the earth energy to hold a new framework for the next stage. (Scroll to the bottom for a quick list of important May dates!!)

On May 3 Mercury moves direct in Aries, still in close conjunction to Uranus. New insights, conversations, awareness’s are arising. Uranus keeps things fresh and pushes us past our comfort zone, no longer hiding behind the veil of the retrogrades that April washed over us.

May 4, Mars in Gemini moves into opposition with Lilith in Sagittarius, adding more fire to the Mercury/Uranus Conjunction. Careful with communication these days, as emotions will be heightened when new information that was hidden suddenly emerges. Anger, betrayal, opposing perspectives, and situations that left us feeling cast out or used may surface, giving us a chance to stand up for ourselves and what we believe in. Situations that felt constrictive may suddenly release flow. This energy can also be used to take bold steps towards stepping out and being seen, speaking your truth, and launching yourself in a different direction. Sexual chemistry and tension is also heightened today! Make sure your choice of words and actions is in alignment with your truth.

One of the biggest shifts of the months takes place with the Nodes changing signs. On May 9 the last veil of Pisces will lift as the North node moves into Leo and South Node moves into Aquarius, until November 6, 2018. More fire to fuel the passion and intensity of this month. In Pisces/Virgo we’ve been doing a toxic clean up of bad habits, relationships, and work situations, and replacing them with serious upgrades by making new, healthier choices and boundaries for our self. If we’ve been taking advantage of this time, we feel new energy about to emerge. Leo/Aquarius calls us to share our gifts with our community, no longer keeping ourselves hidden out of lack of self worth, victimization, or self-sacrifice.

There has been a lot of recent awareness of Narcissism over the last couple years, and the next 18 months will highlight this tendency. While the North Node is in Leo, we will begin to see a strong emergence of this behavior in those that already lean toward this tendency. My hope is that the awareness can lead to healing and a reclaiming of the wounded child Self that was forced to go to such extreme measures to create an egocentric reality where survival of Self through exploitation and disregard of others became the normal mode of operation.

The ruler of the Aquarius South Node is Uranus and is associated with unpredictability, trauma, community, and authenticity. We are releasing the Aquarius shadow tendency to be aloof, detached and impersonal in our relationships, and embracing the Sun ruled Leo qualities of warm, personal connection, trust, and loyolty. We learn about pride, confidence, self-love and acceptance, playfulness, creativity, passion and courage without holding too strongly to our ego, attention seeking, and hedonistic and narcissistic tendencies. Moderation can be a challenge for Leo, but the lesson for the next year and half is learning what unique gifts we have and sharing with our community from a place of altruism and care for the greater good, instead of from purely selfish motivations. We will learn to shine from the core of our heart, with generosity, love, and devotion.

Following the Nodal shifts, On May 10 we have the Full Moon in Scorpio at 20 Degrees. So while we settle our toes into the Sunlight of the Leo/Aquarius energy, this full moon will bring us back to our darkness to unearth our power and depth. We explore issues around trust, abuse, trauma, and intimacy. It will be in tight aspect to its ruler Pluto in Capricorn, encouraging us to take responsibility for how we use our personal power. All that is hidden will begin to emerge into the light for us to heal and be held accountable for.

On May 14, Venus in Aries moves into a Trine with Lilith at 10 degrees in Sagittarius, sparking our creativity and need for freedom. If you have a planet or point at this degree, take special note of this transit. These two have been in a special dance together since before Venus went retrograde. They trined each other twice already, once on Feb 2 at 28 degrees in Pisces/Scorpio, and again on March 26 at 4 degrees Aries/Sag. Take note of anything particular happening for you on these dates, and expect to revisit it. These two lovely and powerful ladies inspire a full transformation of our sexual expression. Taking us deep into our repressed and exiled dark desires and driving them to the surface. How they will be expressed and handled is completely dependent on how well we’ve healed and accepted this darkness within our self.

On May 15 Mercury moves into Taurus, helping to ground the fire dominant energy in the sky. We revisit our values and self worth. Begin rebuilding secure structures and foundations even as the fire continues to burn down the old and outworn.

On May 17 Jupiter Inconjuncts Neptune at 14 degrees. This occurred back on October 23, 2016 and will occur again on July 4. The two will be dancing close together over the next two months as Jupiter stations direct at 13 degrees on June 9. The shadow side of this aspect breeds deception, illusion, and poor judgment in our relationships. The light side shows us where we can become more compassionate, kind and learn to negotiate our needs with others.

On May 18 Saturn and Uranus trine each other for the second time at 26 degrees. The first trine occurred on December 24 at 21 degrees, and the last one will be on November 10 at 25 degrees. This trine ushers in a new way to relate to our boundaries and desire for freedom. If we’ve been holding on to something, or need a new approach to break through an old limitation, this long-term aspect will begin showing us the way to create a new structure and boundary that expands out past our old one.

On May 18 we also experience Venus oppose Jupiter at 14 degrees, and will also signal the end of the shadow period of Venus’s retrograde. She’s going out in style, leaving no needs and desires unspoken for. With the combination of Venus/Jupiter and the Uranus/Saturn trine, relationships on the edge may finally hit the last straw and come to full release, or a fresh connection and magnetism, with a new love or old one, will lead us down a new path of discovery and pull us closer together.

On May 20 Mercury is finally out of his shadow, marking the forward motion of all the personal planets! The Sun also moves into Mercury ruled Gemini. Communication finally gets smoothed out and we can clear up any misunderstandings.

May 24 Chiron and the North Node will form an Inconjunct at 28 degrees. In the shadow side we may feel wounding when we find that the way we naturally express ourself rubs others the wrong way, or possibly we aren’t getting the attention we feel we deserve. On the light side, we may begin to see how the generous sharing of our natural gifts and creativity brings us closer to others and encourages admiration and self-love.

May 25 the Gemini New Moon at 5 Degrees, with its ruler Mercury in Taurus Inconjunct Lilith in Sagittarius at 11 degrees, along with Venus in Aries Square Pluto in Capricorn at 19 degrees, and on May 28, Mars in Gemini in Opposition to Saturn in Sagittarius, sets us up for some interesting experiences. Usually Gemini keeps things light and playful, but with all these strong planets of will, power, and depth getting activated, this Gemini New Moon will be anything but light. There’s likely to be plenty of push and pull dynamics happening, along with potent potential for growth and maturity. Keep your conversations integral. Avoid the Gemini shadow traits of gossiping, lies, fickleness and trickery, which will only further draw out the darkness and impulsive retaliation of Pluto and Mars. Embrace the Gemini traits of curiosity, information gathering, and compassionate detachment so that any emotionally charged situations find a smooth path to understanding and openness.

As we move forward this month, we leave behind the illusions, victim consciousness, and addictive patterns we’ve been holding on to within ourself, within our relationships, and around our work in the world, and embrace our true, unapologetic, authentic self that has innumerable gifts to generously share with the world.

Quick recap of May’s most important dates!

May 3 Mercury Direct @ 24 degrees Aries

May 4 Lilith oppose Mars @ 9 degrees

May 9 Nodes move into Leo/Aquarius until November 6 2018

May 10 Full Moon Scorpio @ 20 degrees

May 14 Lilith Trine Venus @ 10 degrees

May 15 Mercury Moves into Taurus

May 17 Jupiter Inconjunct Neptune @ 14 degrees

May 18 Saturn Trine Uranus @ 26 degrees

May 18 Venus oppose Jupiter @ 14 degrees

May 24 Chiron Inconjunct North Node @ 28 degrees

May 25 New Moon Gemini @ 4 degrees

May 25 Venus Square Pluto @ 19 degrees

May 26 Lilith Inconjunct Mercury (New Moon Ruler) @ 11 degrees

May 28 Mars Oppose Saturn @ 25 degrees