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Medium Marie

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Lets make the best out of remaining part of 2017. I'm now offering a package of a 30 minute session that you can either purchase to talk now, or schedule as a session. You can purchase multiple packages, and schedule multiple calls throughout the month as needed.

Now offering 1/2 hour sessions, for $100.

If I am not online, please look at my schedule or purchase an e-mail reading. I will respond within 24 hours. If I am delayed in responding, I will send along free minutes. 

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I'm not always available - please click on "alert". 
If I can, I will make myself available. If you can't wait, you can schedule a session or get an e-mail reading.

I am Marie! I am both a clairvoyant, clairaudient and have been considered by others a very gifted Psychic at an early age. I am both clairvoyant and clairaudient, so I will hear and see things that will pertain to you, that others might not see in just the Tarot cards alone. Being that said, I am a Channeler, and not an empath, I do not need “you energy” or input, to guide my readings. I just need you to have a clear and focused mind.

I believe that all people have the gift to see what lies before them; but I understand that sometimes we are too close to a situation to perceive it with an open heart. I believe this is why many seek guidance.

I will start as soon as we are connected, and answer in a very timely fashion.  I happen to speak quickly since I am from New York - I hope you can keep up to what I have to tell you. I truly love what I do, and would like to share my gift with you. Hope to hear from you soon!

How often have you had a reading in which you were thrilled by the accurate account of your present situation, yet the future prediction given to you never occurred?

This happens when you choose a 'psychic' that does not rise above your conscious thoughts. What a psychic is doing here is using only telepathic skills, without delving into the higher mind to discover the deeper truth. Many practicing psychics never go beyond this 'mind-reading' level."

Only things I require:

  • Your name

  • A focused question(s), or series of

  • Pen & paper to take notes, or good memory

(I cannot guarantee I will remember the information I have Channeled for you, once our session is over.)

Begin with a focused question

Being that I am both clairvoyant and clairaudient - I will receive a lot of information, but not always things pertinent to your situation. Please have a focused question (or series of) so I can answer as much as I can within a timely fashion.

Understanding predictions
Predictions are not infallible because they are subject to free will, and, therefore, can be altered or thwarted by your actions or the actions of others.

(Ie: "I see you’ll be moving to Atlanta, when you receive the job offer." You might at the last minute decline said job offer for reason: x, y and z - so there’s always multiple paths to our future.)

I can give you probability of an event occurring, if I see that it is not already solidified. Think physics of cause and effect - some of our past actions do have a rippling energetic effect to create a future event, that might not be avoidable. However, with the right information - you can create a more favorable future.


Don’t shoot the messenger

It always makes me happy when I can deliver positive and happy information. Yet, life can be messy - and not everything I see will come up roses. I never like being the bearer of bad news. Keep in mind that what you want is not always what’s best for you - I will not always tell you what you want to hear. It sucks, I know. I am direct and to the point, but I am here to help you. So, I will ask (if you’d like) if there are things in which you can do in the present to make for a more favorable future. Not all things are carved in stone.