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Mercury, Please Don't Hurt Us

sivabit Diana Black Wednesday, December 8th 2010.

Mercury, Please Don’t Hurt Us

Mercury retrograde Dec. 10-29 2010

Retrogrades in Sagittarius December 18th


Mercury has an amazing journey this month He will be re-hashing past relationships and uncovering secrets, finding buried treasure in the rubble of it all, and promoting (through a veil of confusion) communications  that with both informative and shocking.

First, Mercury starts in Capricorn, where he is all about business and with the Sun in Sagittarius, the sign of the truth seeker and higher mind he will bless us all with his brilliance of wit. Then he will take a darker turn as he conjuncts scary Pluto in Capricorn on December 5 the day of the Sagittarian New Moon forcing truths; both wanted and unwanted to the surface.  This is particularly true of relationships of all kinds, business and social. Power issues arise. Family secrets, for good and ill, will be the topic of holiday meal and party conversation.

After he uncovers all of our secret powers struggles Mercury will then leave us to our defenses when he will quickly change direction and get all unreliable on us as his retrograde motion starts on Dec. 10 starting in Capricorn and retreating back into Sagittarius on the 19th.  He will be close to the Sun again, but this time his magic wings may melt like Icharus' if he gets too familiar or loose with authority, especially if he brings up old issues better left alone.

  Do not be surprised to hear from old friends or loved ones this month, just watch that current friends and lovers don’t feel left out. Miscommunications are very likely with all the holiday socializing. Issues of jealousy and control can surface needlessly at this time if facts are not checked and gestures are misunderstood. Secrets from the past can come back to haunt us or set us free, let it all happen around you and not to you, anyone who has abused their power will either lose it or have it turned against them, time for liberation.

 Expect long lines at the stores and long waits at the airport,  especially after the 10th. Deliveries may not arrive as expected. There could be fights over under stocked items. Be on your guard for credit card thieves, Mercury can be a real trickster under retrograde influence and this can be used to the advantage of criminals. Get those Holiday Wishes out early and expect your e-mail/ cable /phone to stop working or have technical problems at some point during the retrograde. Be wary of signing any contracts until after the New Year, the fine print may be too hard to read under this uncomfortable period.

Try to make the most of it and look for old friends or try to recover lost objects or computer files. Review study materials for exams or end of year reports. Redo your resume and update old web pages. If you use this energy wisely, who knows what gifts Mercury may bestow on you for the New Year?