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Mercury Retrograde in Aries - March 22, 2018

sivabit Diana Black Sunday, March 18th 2018.

Mercury, the planet of communication, short travels, commerce and siblings and cousins will go retrograde this Thursday. The Sun will enter Aries on Tuesday the 20th which is a major shift in the seasons and in mass consciousness. This is the time of year that we start to get moving on to new projects but Mercury retrograde, especially in Aries (Mercury is also the “trickster” planet) can put to a halt to our plans if we are not flexible or too reckless. There are many ways to reach our goals and we must be open to all of them as Mercury retrogrades tend to bring chaos into the systems that we rely on everyday (shipping services, phone company, internet provider, maintenance services, etc.). The good thing is that these times force us to think outside the box and come up with alternative solutions.

The Moon will be in Gemini, the sign that Mercury rules (Virgo as well) when the retrograde shifts. We have already been in the “shadow” of this retrograde for a a couple of weeks so we have had a sneak peek at what may be in store for us. Power struggles with siblings and cousins are very likely at this time. With Saturn, Pluto and Mars, on its way, (all power planets) into the sign of Capricorn, the structure and authorities that we place trust in are all opposing the sign of Cancer, which rules the family. Authority figures (anyone we give our power to, and those who steal our power) will be very ambitious and not above using gossip, spying, and even use of force to keep or maintain control. (This can also be applied to governments as well-local, state, federal and global).  So we must be vigilant in all of endeavors. Here is a list of things that can help protect us from any negative energies

  1. Pay attention to your vehicle or the transportation that you take most often- make sure that your tags and taxes are paid and that and don’t put off repairs or required maintenance. Also be extra vigilant in traffic as the Aries Sun can make us all a little aggressive and impatient and Mercury retrograde can cause recklessness and chaos. Know your route and an alternative if possible. Leave early for any scheduled events so that you have plenty of time and don’t need to rush if you run into traffic or a detour. Verify and confirm any travel arrangements and print out any needed tickets or documents and keep them together and neatly arranged. If you must travel internationally have a translator program or at least of book of phrases to help you communicate

  2. Pay attention to your money! Write down your transactions as internet and corporate (bank) websites can crash, malfunction, be hacked or delayed in updating. Write down the name of the person you speak to during business transactions and get confirmation numbers whenever possible. Use cash when possible, but always get a receipt with date and time stamped.

  3. Go over any contracts twice and have a third party opinion if possible. Also get copies electronically and on paper whenever you can. Always read the fine print!

  4. Be careful who you give any personal information to as even the nice neighbor who is so friendly can spread gossip on a whim. Don’t answer calls you don’t recognize and be sparing with use of social media and don’t accept friend requests from people you don’t know. Be wary of surveys and public opinion polls and what you reveal. Don’t text or email anything that you wouldn’t want the public to see. There is no such thing as privacy due to our technological society and Mercury’s trickster energy has the same vibe as a bratty little brother who will spy on you and tell Mom what you are up to

  5. Be careful about what you believe from the media. There are forces out there who want to create panic so that you will react, vote and buy what they want. Of course, not all news stories are false, but during a retrograde mistakes and misunderstandings do happen so check and double check sources

The good news is that retrogrades are great for pointing out our weak spots and where we can improve. They also give us a chance to “redo” things we didn’t get right the first time around. If you didn’t make the mark before this is a great time to ask for a second chance to do something the right way. Also, relationships often come back together under this energy. This can go either way, but as long as both parties have good intentions wonderful reunions are likely. Just don’t let any wolves (romance, business, social, family) back in your door.

This is great time to get back into spiritual practices and have psychic / astrology readings done so that when planetary energies straighten out so can we and move on towards a better way of life.