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Montel Williams and Dee on Radio

deeSecrets Love Solutions Thursday, December 10th 2009.

WOW- what a show two dynamic guest!
First listen as Montel shares a chilling experience he had 10 years ago when he "thought" he was having a heart attack. You'll also hear Montel speak about the effect MS has on his body.
The importance of not taking life for granted Montel talks about the day he got fired over the telephone and how he was forced to take control of the situation and create a new opportunity for himself and shares why we should to start paying attention (focus) to our physical and psychological well being .....starting today! sure to tune in after Montel to hear our Unstoppable Woman of Power Dee Love Reuniting Expert Dee Love and Love. Dee will be discussing How to Find Your Relationship Bliss! Some of the things Dee will be sharing is.......

Is it possible to reconcile after things have fallen apart.
What is the Secret to Relationship Bliss.
What does woman need to know to be happy in her relationship.
How do you get him be romantic. Talk Live at per min Rate.