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New Moon in Leo

sivabit Diana Black Friday, July 21st 2017.

New Moon in Leo July 23, 2017 • This New Moon is particularly hot and steamy! There is a lot of creative potential here and the possibility of romance, but not all connections and hook-ups will end in commitment. The burst of energy brought about by the conjunction of the sun and moon in the royal sign of Leo, which rules the sun, brings about a lot of aggressive energies. Mars the planet of aggression is loosely conjunct this new moon bringing in even more assertive, “me-first” energy to the mix.

While sex is definitely going to be on the brain, so will violence. This is not to scare anyone, it is merely to make everyone aware of this potential. With passion, there can be outbursts. If we are confronted - the best thing to do is try to keep the peace and Jupiter in Libra will help balance these energies; but we may have to just put up with some “stuff” during the next few weeks as we could spark the wrong powder keg if we aren't careful. This intensity will continue until we reach the August 21st eclipse and get some release and relief from the sexy, aggressive and somewhat dangerous energy.â ?

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The creative energy can be used to start any new project and can be a fun time if we stay out of the way of uncontrolled fiery energy.