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New Moon in Leo August 14

sivabit Diana Black Sunday, August 9th 2015.

New Moon in Leo, Friday Aug 14th - Want to know more? 
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This new moon in Leo will bring out the best of whatever house it lands in our natal charts. The sun, moon and Venus (currently retrograde) will all be conjunct in the sign of the loyal and regal lion with Mars coming in behind and Jupiter not too far ahead but planted firmly in the sign of Virgo. When you have three or more planets in a particular sign it is known as a “stellium”. This means that the concentration of planetary energy will be flavored by the sign it is contained in. Leo wants everyone to know that they are here, ruled by the sun, this sign wants to be seen, heard and most of all adored. Leo rules the heart and the spine, so we will all be challenged to show, or at least figure out within ourselves what makes us tick and how strong our backbone can be. This energy will stimulate our inner core, as it involves most of the inner (personal) planets, sun, moon, Mars and Venus all except for Mercury who is in the finicky sign of Virgo. Since Mercury’s energy is the vehicle for connection and communication, and Virgo is the sign of prudence and practicality, the way we express ourselves will be scrutinized by others. We need to find a practical way to show others who we are without alienating them or being impractical in our self confidence (Leo, sun, Mars) or too brash in our personal tastes, values and emotional and social expectations of others (Venus/moon).

Venus’ current retrograde motion will add another layer of complexity to all of this self-evaluation because this is bringing back blasts from the past which can give us a great opportunity to see how far we have come and where we need to change. It will also bring up a lot of old wounds, especially when it comes to rejection. Hopefully we will realize that sometimes we just don’t have the right chemistry with people and changing ourselves or trying to change others is not how to find your heart’s desire; it all starts with what is real and what is true about ourselves.

One thing is for sure this new moon will bring us the opportunity to find out what is really inside of us and gives us a chance to take a personal and public inventory of ourselves. This does not mean that we should measure ourselves against others or even society’s standards (moon); this is personal, we must figure out (Mercury in Virgo) where we stand within our own value systems (Venus) and what we can do to improve and take the action (Mars) accordingly. With the moon and Venus involved this will include the significant others in our lives and point us towards the spaces that they occupy in our hearts and where we may need to be more generous with our time and affection. This also means that we will also need to stand up and use the full powers of our own backbones and inner cores to rid ourselves of people that do not stand up the tests of loyalty that invariably come along with these bursts of Leonine energy. Some relationships will not pass the test at this time, but only those that don’t belong in our hearts anyway, so there will be some disappointments in love and friendship but those insignificant losses will create the space in our hearts and lives for something more solid and enduring. What’s inside of you?