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Partial Solar Eclipse / New Moon in Aquarius February 15

sivabit Diana Black Monday, February 12th 2018.

This eclipse is all about information, social consciousness and sudden change. The sign of Aquarius is ruled by the Planet Uranus which rules sudden upsets and upheavals, accidents, counter culture, social groups and technology (electronics, social media, etc.). It is the sign of the natural eleventh house that also rules social groups, cousins, and our hopes and wishes.

A conjunction to Mercury, which is the information planet, will make this New Moon ( a time of shift of consciousness and the most powerful astrological aspect making it a magical time for intentions to be set) extra special in that we are going to receive a lot of information that will shift our personal and collective consciousness and may change our minds about the people and things that we value. Also, how we transmit and receive information will likely change in a big way, but with Uranus, currently in the self-centered sign of Aries, we really can’t predict how this will turn out (even though Uranus and Aquarius rules astrology, we can get a lot of clues, but no hard and fast grasp on what the reality will be). Eclipse energies usually play out over a six month period so the one thing that we can count on is information from those sources along with a lot of change because of how that intelligence will change our point of view.

Uranus, as stated above rules cousins and Mercury rules siblings, especially brothers, so family relations, both near and far, will configure into the mix. We may get insight into our ancestry and genetics and the secrets that usually accompany them Family dynamics are a complicated business anytime, and with Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn we are at the mercy of our elders and the power structures they have constructed for our families.. While at the same time they are experiencing the consequences and responsibility of how they handled that power and built those structures, as well as how they as older generations are dealing with the natural aging process and still maintain order and control. This will be interesting as Uranus and Aquarius are known for their sense of rebellion and innovative sense of constructing alternatives to the norm. This applies to government structures as well and sudden upheavals can be expected.

This eclipse is the opposition to the big one last August in the sign of Leo. This will bring a balance to the situations brought up at this time. But before something unstable can be balanced there can be a bit of instability, so stay flexible. This may be difficult for those with a lot of points and planets in the sign of Capricorn as they are just not as flexible and Saturn in the early degrees may be taking its toll on bones and aches and pains.


Use this time of change to get what you want out of life. Astrology will be in demand so it is a great time to get a natal and transit reading done so that you have a baseline on what your personal dynamics are and how they are affected by the current transits.