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Prayer to remove obstacles and negative energy - A Prayer to St Michael and his Sword of Blue Flame

brenda Brenda Howell Thursday, April 4th 2013.


You have lived in hundreds of embodiments on the Earth and in each one you had family, friends, enemies and associations and active participation in many destructive discordant things and unless you have done something to disconnect yourself from that energy, you are still entangled very much like a spider in a spider web with innumerable lines of your life still connecting you with destructive persons and activities of the past and present some perhaps being out of embodiment and some on the earth.

When you are working to call forth better health in your world, more supply, harmony, success in what you are doing in the outer world - remember you deal with energy. You are calling forth God's light and perfection, but these discordant imperfect lines of energy will seep into what you are calling forth and either prevent your perfect manifestation or it will come forth distorted. You are influenced more than you realize by the entanglement with these lines of force. You need to be disconnected from them, cut free from these entanglements and there is one more thing you can do if you will use it faithfully every night for thirty days, you will know a release and relief from pressure you have been under for many ages of time.

Archangel Michael has graciously offered to you and all mankind the use of his sword of blue flame that you may cut away from your mental, emotional and physical bodies the impingement of these lines of force and sever once and forever your connection with these imperfect lines of energy.

How to use the Sword of Blue Flame

In the privacy of your own room, alone, stand on the floor and raise your right hand and call:

Beloved 'I Am' presence and beloved archangel Michael, place in my hand your sword of blue flame and, cut me free, cut me free, cut me free from every destructive line of energy I have ever been connected with through the centuries. Send a ray of blue flame to the furthermost end of each line of energy and completely dissolve and consume it.

Put your cross of blue flame in front of me, in back of me, on my right side, my left side,

above and below me and hold it sustained.

I am free, I am free, I am free from all connection with any person, place, condition or

thing of the past, that was less than perfection. I thank you beloved "I am" Presence and Beloved

Archangel Michael.

While you are giving the above decree, walk around yourself in a circle using the Sword of Blue Flame you have asked to be put in your hand as though you were cutting away those lines of energy - see

them drop away like you were cutting a piece of string. Visualize the crosses around you and feel you are free from the energy that has pressed on you for long ages.

If you will do this every night for thirty nights (30), you will positively feel and release and will know the power of beloved Archangel Michael's love and protection.