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Who Decides The Future?

millerangel33 Lynn Miller Thursday, April 4th 2013.

 Who decides the future? As a Psychic It is of my opinion many people over the years I have come across have been somewhat fearful of Psychics. Perhaps they have had a bad experience. Every psychic works differently.I have always told my clients over the years how important it is to understand that we create our own path in life. We decide which path to take. There are many roads in which to choose from. I am only a guide able to tap into the "optimal" path in order to assist my clients down the right road.

 It is up to us as individuals to realize through our thoughts and actions we create and draw in the positive forces in life. There are only two areas in which we draw from. Fear and love... To act out of fear is an instant "block" on our path to our true destiny..Once we learn to realize our fears and why we continually re-create certain scenarios we can truly uncover the potential to deciding a fullfilling and wonderful future. Upon this realization we notice our path opening up right in front of our very eyes.The things that once held us back no longer exsist.Awareness is key and it is a skill to be "present" to the little signs in front of us. Once we are able to decipher and realize the opportunities presented to each of us everyday and how they reveal themselves. It truly is a skill. A map is laid out for each of us. It only needs to be "navigated"properly.

  The choices we make on a daily basis and what we project out to the universe carries us along the direction. It can easily be altered and prolonged based on what we do day to day. I belive as a psychic time can be a difficult thing to read with people. I have always been good at predicting time lines with my clients. I do explain that it is of my belief that we can "create" things sooner or later based intention and following the path of "enlightenment"

 To summarize. We make and create our own future.I believe we hold the "key" and just need to find the right fit.. It is there and it exists but there are many doors it does not fit in....There are many paths we should not walk down. Yet most of us continue down the same one's as we know them and perhaps they are comfortable. Encountering the same obstacles over and over.Stumbling along the way.

     We can create our own future when we abolish the fear and are willing to step into the unknown and break the cycle that some of us have been living in for so long.Uncover the new path to true happiness and love.....