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Satori Nation Horoscopes

sivabit Diana Black Sunday, September 24th 2017.

Aries - A relative will want to borrow money and you will want to accommodate them, but be careful, as they will only come back for more and more. Stick with your diet right now because the health benefits are even more important then appearances

Taurus - A good time may cost you more than you bargained for if you hang out with the wrong crowd. Be careful who you deal with as they may lead you into temptation. Stay in and create a romantic scene instead of spending big bucks to impress your lover

Gemini - A friend has more to offer than you know when it comes to your work life. Tell them your issues and they will amaze you with their help!

Cancer - Be patient and kind with younger relatives at this time, they are watching you for cues how to be a grown up. Don't give someone money just to keep them close, it won't work and will only breed resentment

Leo - A little romantic action may be fun but don't get too serious about it because it may mean more to you than your partner. Stay in focus with coworkers so that the work process can be streamlined

Virgo - Try not to flaunt your accomplishments in front of jealous coworkers because they will be making waves for you. Don't forget to show your lover some affection so they don't get the wring idea about the amount of time you have been spending with friends

Libra - A change of scenery will do you a lot of good, just don't stray too far from home. Make the beat of it when an old friend reaches out by catching up with them without getting reeled in

Scorpio - A lot of information is coming your way from unexpected sources so be attentive and don't be too picky about where it comes from

Sagittarius - Be more in tune with your surroundings this week. Someone may be trying to get your attention and you are just not seeing it. A new business opportunity can be great if you just give it a chance

Capricorn - Stay in touch with older relatives this week as they may need your help and have valuable advice to give you. Don't allow your lovers' relatives to interfere in your romance

Aquarius - Make peace with anyone you are at odds with, you will need your energy to create something wonderful as a great opportunity comes your way. Emotional healing is closer than you think if you just let goof some of the pain you hold on to; it will have no power over you if you turn your back on it

Pisces - Be on the lookout for a way to make extra money this week, it's closer than you think. Make sure that you are being fair with a family member so that you don't have any regrets later