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Satori Nation Weekly Horoscopes by Diana Black for May 15-22, 2017

sivabit Diana Black Sunday, May 14th 2017.

Aries - Amazing opportunities are coming your way but you must clear the decks to make room- this means that you have to get rid of anyone that is a drain on your energy! This might not make you very popular, but it's the only way to be successful. Tell your ex to get a life when they call, you don't have time for their nonsense

Taurus - Be sensible about your entertainment budget this week. It may be hard to resist friends and guests' wishes to be fed and pampered, but you need to think about your financial future more than their comfort. Be mindful of your partner's need for affection this week; if they don't get it from you they may just go elsewhere

Gemini - Take more time than usual to get to work this week; traffic delays and road construction can create havoc on your schedule. Pleasing a lover may make you feel good in the moment but the consequences of putting your self-respect and wallet in peril for someone else may be a problem later

Cancer - Putting family first may assuage your guilt, but it won't ensure a better future for you. Tend your own needs first then worry about everyone else. The insane pressure of your workplace may really get your stress level up, so make room in your schedule for some down time to recover

Leo - Believe in your own talents and do your best instead of sabotaging the competition this week. Being true to yourself and having integrity is worth more than any prize you could ever receive. If someone loves you they will put your well-being before their own sensibilities; if this is not happening in your relationship it's time to move on

Virgo - Pleasing others is not the way to move ahead in your career efforts, be effective, not popular and you will succeed. Make nice with family members this week, you'll need their help later in the month

Libra - A huge financial opportunity may mean a lot of work that turns out to be worth it in the end, so don't let distraction from jealous friends and family get you down. Think twice before meeting that internet date all by yourself, bring a friend

Scorpio - Take stock of what you have this week and how far you've come instead of being anxious about what you don't have and haven't done. Give up on an ex that offers you no future; create your own and the right person will fall into place

Sagittarius - Try not to get stuck in negative thinking patterns this week, even in crisis situations there are moments of opportunity. Be aware that your new lover may have an ex that doesn't want to let go, allow the drama to subside before getting too close

Capricorn - Stubborn family members may try to steal your time and attention, make excuses (plausible ones) if you have to so you can take care of your own business first. Don't expect a new relationship to take off too fast, you need to get know one another before picking out china patterns

Aquarius - Stay on top of all of the recent progress you have made lately, if you rest on your laurels it will all fall away. Instead of playing phone tag with a potential new lover schedule a time for some face to face interaction

Pisces - Jealous emotions can cause you to make costly mistakes this week, take a step back and realize that you aren't anyone's owner can't control anyone but yourself. Try to get some extra sleep instead of staying up all night, your health is more important than missing out on the party