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Satori Nation Weekly Horoscopes for May 1-7, 2017 by Diana Black

sivabit Diana Black Sunday, April 30th 2017.


Flying your own flag may feel good right now, but unfortunately it will be create jealousy and resentment. Show your true self, but keep the bragging, and all of your goodies where no one else can see them. Try to be flexible with your lover, meet them halfway in important relationship decisions


Look into the real cost of the things that you use everyday. You can find ways to save, and even make money. Play nice with siblings this week,because if you don't they may interfere with your love life in ways that you can't even imagine


You can expect abundance to some into your life, but that also means that the grifters in your family won't be far behind to try to take from you. Share, but make sure that you are the one who decides when, where and how much to give. Not everyone will appreciate your taste in romantic partners so push away anyone that may clash with your relationship


It won't help your agenda at work to push people around. Be diplomatic and you will get the results you desire. Make a wish upon a star when looking for love, the astral bodies are on your side


Make a plan and stick to it this week, this goes for home, work and love. Set your intentions and keep to them strictly. What you invest time and energy in now will surely come to fruition if you block out all distractions


You will have plenty of invitations coming your way, but try not to get twisted over the ones that you don’t get. Other people are allowed to congregate without you once in awhile. Use that time to enjoy some moments of pampering all to yourself. Be polite when rejecting unsuitable love interests. Showing respect, yet being firm will help you avoid stalkers


Be pushy if you have to this week because a lot of people will want to get in your way. What you are accomplishing is making others jealous and they will sabotage you if you allow them to get a jump on where you are trying to go. Even though you know a certain someone is interested in your romantically give them time to reveal it, they may not be ready for your intensity just yet


Being mindful of your surroundings will bring you a lot of important information. You will be “in the know” and hold they key to helping influential people get what they want. Take a step back from a manipulative love interest; is this person really worth all of the trouble


You can be bold and beautiful this week, don't hold back on getting what you want at work because others are intimidated by your looks. Be strong when dealing with family members this week, they will try to talk you into the most ridiculous things if you allow it


All important contracts should be looked over by a legal representative to ensure that you are getting everything that you deserve and more out a deal. Take more time before deciding on your next move towards a romantic interest. See them for who they really are so you know how to get to their heart and mind quicker


Take no notice of jealous co-workers this week; they just want what you have so don’t let them intimidate you into giving it to them. You may find that an ex lover is still not over you, but before getting too close to them consider how this would impact your current love life