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Tarot Basic Part 2

bernborbee Bernadette Montana Monday, December 10th 2012.

Tarot Basics-Part 2

We spoke about keeping a tarot journal last week. The idea of this journal, is to write down the results of your daily readings, your results, your advice!

I have always viewed the tarot as advice. Advice to help you with a situation. Take a look at your journal. Do you see any patterns here? Can you see what habits you are repeating? What cards keep coming up?

In the mornings, shuffle your deck while thinking about what advice you might need for the day. Pick one card, and place it upright. Keep your question simple and general. An example of this type of question could be: What is in store for me today? Write down the information that this card is giving you. What card came up? What does it mean to you?

Every card has something to say. Even if the card is something like "The Tower" card, what can you get from this? Maybe you have to keep your eyes out for some chaos at the job. Keep a good outlook. Maybe avoid confrontation that day. Double check all your work, etc.

In the evening, write down what your day was like, and see what the advice was. Do this exercise, everyday, for one week. At the end of that week, go over all of your daily results and see what kind of advice, the cards have given you.

I would love to hear all about your results!! Contact me here, at Satori Nation, for a reading or advice! Til next week! Bernadette