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Venus in Gemini

sivabit Diana Black Monday, July 3rd 2017.

July 5th, Venus moves into Gemini. Venus will be very playful at this time, Gemini is light-hearted and fun and loves to communicate with others. This can bring old friends from school or the “old neighborhood” back into focus.  This can be refreshing and a great time to catch up with others With the sun, Mars and Mercury in Cancer we may start to reconnect with of parts of ourselves, families and communities. A lot of networking will be going on in love and in business. 

The drawback here is that there is a lot of talk and little action when it comes to love and others may take our flirtation for more than it really is, and we may do the same. There is a tendency to “play” with love rather than be serious about it. We could idealize and read more into the attention from others than is actually there, and we could accidentally lead others to feel the same way about us  through our words and actions. But now with Saturn in Sagittarius, this will have consequences once Venus reaches the later degrees of Gemini.  Shallowness will not be rewarded, so we should all be careful with flirtatious words because we never know how others will react to them.

Use this time to network, but hold back on getting too close or too invested until you see the actual proof that you need to trust the person or situation that you are involved with at this time.


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