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Weekly Horoscopes ~ April 26 to May 2, 2010

astrogrrl Jan | astrogrrl Sunday, April 25th 2010.

WeeklyScopes ~ April 26 to May 2

Out with the Old, In with the New

* Days and times reflect North America EST

It's a week of tension and intensity as we begin to break away from our perceived realities and see the truth hidden behind the lies, beneath the surface, or locked away deep in our own psyche. Saturn (structure) and Uranus (radical change) oppose each other, just as the Moon waxes to full in Scorpio and opposes Mercury (thought), who is currently retrograde (introspective). There is no more hiding from the truth. Acceptance upon being awakened is key even if reality is too harsh or too difficult to swallow. Only through acceptance can we begin to remove the veil that obstructs our view from seeing the possibilities of what lies ahead. It's time to shed the old (Saturn), replace it with the new (Uranus) by purging (Scorpio-Full Moon) old ways of thinking (Mercury). A change is coming.

ARIES ~ Out with the old. In with the new. But before the 'new' can be adopted, the ties to the old must be severed. What links you to the past, to the old, to the memories lies deep within the mind. The mind that thinks letting is losing something. That which needs purging is not a loss but is baggage that weigh you down. Wouldn't it be nice to lighten your load?

TAURUS ~ There is no time like the present. You can tell yourself that you're not ready or you're waiting on someone/something that holds a key component, but the truth is … getting up and out of your situation is too daunting. Identify and recognize your fears. Then, be the bull that you are. Grab yourself by the horns and charge.

GEMINI ~ Leave the past in the past. Something unexpected and new, or a newer version of something old, awaits. But what keeps you anchored in a place/space/situation you no longer want to be a part of must first be cut off. Look ahead and turn your back on the past. Leave that drama in the dust.

CANCER ~ The mind is powerful tool. It can arouse,n, excite, sadden, encourage and discourage all through its perception. Broaden your mind to see beyond what the eyes can see, the ears can hear and the intellect can understand. Shift your perspective to one that enlightens, empowers and enables. You are what you need to change your situation.

LEO ~ Although you may feel isolated at times, you are never truly alone. There are those who care deeply for you and your well-being. But no matter how caring or loving these people may be, they can't read your mind nor can they guess when you need a true friend. You must then become strong enough to admit to yourself when a hug, a helping hand, a trusted face is what you need when you need it.

VIRGO ~ It's just not enough. You work hard. You're dedicated. You make plans, carry them out and are even flexible enough to deviate from the plan, as necessary. Why then does the result not match the amount of effort put in? Expand your mind. What you are seeing are just details. They are part of something larger. You've been looking through your world through a worm's eye view. Begin to see your situation from above with a bird's point of view.

LIBRA ~ Just when you thought there were no more room for surprises, here comes one this week. You've got an organized mind that is analytical enough to anticipate possible pitfalls and hiccups. How then could this have gotten past you? Well, no matter the how or why, know that there is a way to make it right. You may, however, need to exercise some patience and deep thinking to arrive at a satisfactory solution.

SCORPIO ~ You know that there are no guarantees in life. Yet there is a pretty big part of you that still desires or requires them. There is really only one type of security. The only thing anyone of us can really control and be sure of is the self. Indeed, change begins with the man/woman in the mirror. Be secure in your self -- your decisions, your judgement, your intuition, your heart -- and the rest will, surprisingly, fall into place in due time.

SAGITTARIUS ~ Something new excites. But what's more appealing is spicing up something old and making the familiar more unconventional. Just when you think things have become predictable and routine … BAM! It's 'new' all over again and exciting all over again. This week, see your world, your loved ones, your job, your life through a new set of eyes that is full of wonder and openness.

CAPRICORN ~ The initial reaction is to keep everything as they have always been. There is comfort in the familiar. Being conservative is safer. No rocking the boat. That approach, however, has not been serving you well. Try breaking away from the established norms, methods and precepts. Welcome a new way of thinking and doing.

AQUARIUS ~ Something is coming to a close. There's no real love loss, though. It may not feel like a success but you have learned and grown from the experience. Sometimes a failure or disappointment can be the way to push you forward -- up and out of where no longer need to be. Allow what needs to end its own way of leaving your life, your world. Acknowledge the loss if you need to, but no regrets.

PISCES ~ Responsibilities overwhelm. The truth hurts a little. You feel like breaking away and escaping from them. Reality is much too real. In life and relationships, stand your ground, even if the urge for avoidance or concession is incredibly tempting. Create a new way of handling issues by bravely facing your challenges, obstacles, opponents. There's no reason why you shouldn't be a force to be reckoned with.