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Weekly Horoscopes Nov 13th - 19th

sivabit Diana Black Friday, November 10th 2017.

Aries - Plan to spend time with family this week if you can. You will be very busy in the upcoming weeks so make the most of the time you have right now. Watch your spending carefully because you may desire to accumulate things that you really don't need

Taurus - Spend time not money on your lover this week. Time and attention are a great gift. Be slow to respond when a new business opportunity comes your way because if you are too eager you may get what you are actually worth

Gemini - Be gentle with the elderly folks in your life this week even if they are being stubborn, they are not feeling as in control as usual and need extra support. Don't allow a minor flirtation to turn into something more that hurt the one that you truly love

Cancer - Be grateful for what you have and even more blessings will come your way this week. A positive attitude can do wonders. An ex lover will let you know how much you are missed, but be wary because, as usual, they have an ulterior motive

Leo - Stay alert on the job this week so you don't miss the details about any upcoming co worker drama. You want to be prepared so you can stay as far away from it as possible. Try not to outshine your partner at an important even this week, sometimes you need to let them be the star

Virgo - Pay attention to the details of your bank and billing statements, you may have overpaid somewhere and have a credit due. Don't be too harsh on your romantic partner if they make a mistake because no person or relationship is perfect

Libra - Instead of being loyal to just one company or brand consider sampling some variety, you've been doing the same old thing for far too long. Be wary of an ex lover in need of money because if you open your wallet chances are you will never see your cash or your ex-lover gain

Scorpio - You can't control what other people do ,or what they think of you, and as a water sign their reactions usually have nothing to do with your actions. Others tend to project on to you as all of that liquid acts as a mirror, so try to remember that before judging yourself too harshly. Save your money to invest in yourself and your own projects this week.

Sagittarius - You don't have to be the alpha dog all the time in your group of friends, it's exhausting. Let someone else take the lead for a while while you regroup your energy. Try to be on time for work to avoid problems with your coworkers because they resent having to cover for you

Capricorn - It may be time to admit, at least to yourself, that you have some insecurities that cause you to try to control the people around you. You just have to realize how much you are loved by others and give them a little space. Don't be anxious about your latest work project because you did your best and now all you can do is let go

Aquarius - You can do more in less time if you pare down the distractions in your life. Be more discerning about what and whose energy you allow into your work space. Resist the temptation to give more to others than they give you in a relationship, balance is needed to make it work

Pisces - You may have to admit that you have made a mistake to someone you care about, but they will forgive you wholeheartedly. If you try to cover up the error the lies will just build and spin out of control. Try to make do with what you have for a while instead of buying new things so you have some money put away for when you really need it