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Weekly Horoscopes for April 16-22, 2018 by Diana Black

admin Satori Nation Saturday, April 14th 2018.

Aries - Rely on your own instincts and resources this week as group think may not be on your side. Realize that having connections doesn't always guarantee anything; self-sufficiency is best. Grant a wayward lover one last chance before saying goodbye for good so you don't have any regrets

Taurus - Saying goodbye to old habits will be difficult, but all of the time, money and energy you save will make it worth it in the long run. If friends turn their back on your efforts to be healthy consider whether or not they are truly a friend. Kick back and relax with your lover over the weekend and let everyone else go to voicemail

Gemini - Send your true feelings in an actual letter instead of an email or text message. The sentiment will last longer and will be more appreciated by the object of your affection. Brush up your resume and your skill sets because a big opportunity is right around the corner

Cancer - Don't try too hard to get along with unlovable people this week, save your precious energy for those you care about. Make time for creative projects because your subconscious has something to say and express

Leo - If you feel like dancing and your friends don't just leave them at home. It's time to get out and mingle and meet some new folks that share your passions. A sense of peace in your family life should be enjoyed, but don't sweep problems under the rug just to keep the peace

Virgo - Let unintended slights or perceived insults go this week. Holding onto resentment will only make your bowels ache. Business matters can wait if your true friends and family need you. Deposits, customers, etc. will come and go, but you can't replace the ones you love

Libra - Make room in your life for new people and new faces. If the regulars in your life are jealous do what you can to calm them but don't allow them to have control. Be on the lookout for great bargains that can help you beautify your surroundings on a budget. You deserve to smile when you walk in your own front door

Scorpio - The line between black and white can be very thin, but you when and how to cross it. This week don't be persuaded to do something you know is not right just to get the nod of approval of people who couldn't care less about you. An ex lover wants your time and attention again but remember where that got you last time.

Sagittarius - Collaborating with others on a creative project may seem like the right thing to do, but if you find that your ideas are being stepped on maybe it's time to step out. If you notice your lover is distant just simply ask what's going on instead of doing a social media "investigation"

Capricorn - Be polite, but firm when an authority figure decides to confront you on a personal matter. Show respect, but protect your privacy. Say the things that you've always wanted to get off your chest to your ex love. Now is the time to clear the air

Aquarius - A business partner may need your help this week and it is worth your time and energy to do what you can without becoming personally involved.Try not to lose your cool if your sweetheart isn't answering your call right away, they are just having delays at the office

Pisces - Helping others may be your calling but burnout is possible right now. Take care of you and yours first, then you can save the world. Be on the lookout for a cozy spot for you and your love partner to spend a weekend. Having the details in place will give you more time for romance