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Weekly Horoscopes for April 2-8, 2018 by Diana Black

sivabit Diana Black Sunday, April 1st 2018.


Make amends with a warring coworker in order to avoid a hostile workplace. It may cost you a little bit of pride but the serenity you will receive will be worth the effort. Don’t downplay your emotional needs in order to please a partner.  It not fair to either one of you and it will only be a mess that will need to be sorted out later


Be aware that you can only fool some of the people some of the time when you are trying to craft an image in order to get something that you want. Being yourself may be the long way around but it is the surest way to secure what you want. Your lover’s family may expect a lot from you at this time so try to be unavailable if you suspect that you don’t have the time, energy or strength they require


Following the crowd will only get you lost this week. Use your own sense of direction and know that being a trailblazer has its rewards. Reuniting with an ex lover may make your senses go into overdrive but just remember how awful you felt when the touch, taste and smell got stale last time around


Try to find balance between work and home life before things become a mess. You have the chance now to set things straight before lines get blurry or even crossed. Bubble baths and champagne make a great date night so consider that before making expensive reservations to impress your sweetie


You may be at a loss as to how things at work got so messed up, but if you think back to that one coworker, client or colleague you opened up to you will see instantly who put the knife in your back. Lose your inhibitions this week on the dance floor and let loose with good friends. You deserve to have some fun and relieve your stress



Stay tuned into your conscience this week as you will be confronted with many opportunities that will will be very lucrative as long as you are willing to compromise your integrity. You will find that the short term monetary gain will not be worth selling out for so just say no before the trouble starts. Reliving the past will not get you anywhere so when an ex love wants to reunite be sure you can move forwards and forgive or just forget the whole thing


It’s easy to idealize long distance lovers because you don’t  have to deal with their reality, so consider that this week before choosing someone who is “somewhere out there” over a person with flaws but has a physical and tangible presence in your life. Remember to give back to the earth and her creatures this week. Feeding and watching the birds will give you a clue about how nature works and can be very relaxing


It will be tempting to let an invitation from an estranged friend or family member fool you into thinking that they have changed for the better, but pay attention to their language. Freudian slips will tell you what is really going on. It’s time to be more disciplined about your daily routine and this week’s energy will show you where the cracks are but will also show you how to create delightful solutions


A backlash over a misunderstood comment on social media will cause you to consider whether or not any of your followers re actually “friends”. It’s time to get real and really get back together with those people you have had true camaraderie and experiences with before the virtual world took over. Ending a  tortured love affair may be sad but the liberation will bring swift healing and the space for someone more in tune with your natural vibration


The Mars/Saturn conjunction (Saturn is the planetary ruler of your sun sign) will cause many to snap back to reality this week. If you have been deliberately or unwittingly involved in anyone’s social or career schemes or illusions it’s time to withdraw and create your own reality. Be grateful for the tried and true love you have in your life. If you aren’t finding loyalty in your human relationships consider the joys and responsibility of adopting a rescue pet


This is a good week to take a break from volunteering or being involved in any activists’ causes even if they seem to be for the greater good. Mars conjunct Saturn will force reform in these groups and you don’t want to be caught up in the fray. Relax when it comes to choosing between lovers and let your heart do the deciding. Refrain from worrying about what the social consequences or appearances will be because in the end it will be you and your lover and no one else



Try to go with the flow this week at your workplace because you won’t be able to fight the tide. This is a good time to consider whether or not this is the best place for you to further your career interests and either adjust to make the situation better or make solid plans to relocate. Stay home rather than please others when you just feel like relaxing rather than going out