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Weekly Horoscopes for November 20-26, 2017 by Diana Black

sivabit Diana Black Monday, November 20th 2017.


Be wary of deals that seem too good to be true when shopping this week because you get what you pay for and could end up with an empty purchase that is a real pain to return. Think twice before getting involved in neighborhood gossip, it could come back to haunt you and your relationship with your sweetheart


Putting your energy into community projects can be rewarding but only if it actually makes a difference. Conserve your energy and put it only where it does the most good. Be direct with your love interest if you question their devotion to you because playing passive-aggressive games could cost you your romance


Try to separate your personal life from your business life this week, they will both seem to flow quite well, but in two different directions. Resist the temptation to cross the streams. Don’t be shy about making your needs known to a roommate or landlord because your living situation is important to your well being


if you know that someone is draining your emotional or financial energy you must put a stop to the bleeding. If may be difficult to detach from someone you love, but I they don’t love you back you will never be whole. A business opportunity may be hard work but the respect and money you gain will be worth it


Notice how your coworkers always emulate your style this week You have what it takes to succeed and everyone wants to be just like you so enjoy the influence you have and use it wisely. Don’t second guess your feelings for someone you love because they may not fit in to your social circle because it’s more important what goes on behind closed doors than on the street


It may be difficult to get the sympathy you want from someone that you have let down in the past, but feeling sorry for yourself will not help the situation. Keep your expectations low if do you do reach out. A bonus or raise at work will lift your spirits, but be sure to put some of it in savings just in case


Family relations may not go well during the holidays, but that’s why you have friends! If relatives let you down call a trusted friend to pick you back up. Say no to drama when an ex lover wants to rekindle the past


You have to block out the negative influences in your life this week to succeed. Enjoy the company of those that exchange positive energy with you and avoid the vampires. Make sure that you know where every bit of your money is going so that you don’t have to track it down later


The pieces of your family puzzle are coming together but it may be hard even then to see the big picture. When it comes to the mysteries you are trying to solve ask a friend to give you an objective opinion. Stay true to your values rather than cast them aside for love because you will only regret it later


Seeing is believing and this week you will manifest many of the things that you have been praying for so don’t forget your gratitude. Stay grounded when your hormones start to go crazy over an attractive new flirtation. Remember there is an actual person in there not just a sexy body


Keep your expectations realistic this week when it comes to romance. Hearts and flowers are not always possible in a world full of mortgages and 50 hour work schedules. A new friend will awaken you to a talent you never knew that you had. Exercise this talent and make money doing it


There is no end to your feelings for your loved ones, but some of them may not be as loyal as you would like. Don’t let disappointment get you down, because the people that matter will be there for you. don’t compromise your principles in order to get a work project off the ground. There will be other projects but your conscience isn’t as easy to clear