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Weekly Horoscopes for Oct 9th

sivabit Diana Black Sunday, October 8th 2017.

Aries - Stand back and avoid the sparks when family members clash over power and control issues this week. If you let them go at it they will finally reach a resolution. Try to use restraint in new love affairs; what gets too hot too soon can burn out quickly

Taurus - Send your regards to friends and relatives in need but don't invest too much time, they have to handle some issues on their own or they will never learn

Gemini - Playing games and winning come naturally to you but don't let your competitive spirit overwhelm your enjoyment. No one knows how much you care for others in romance, family, etc. It is time to say the words so there is no mistaking how you feel

Cancer - You enjoy being the family boss but that can create resentment this week. Loosen your grip on the controller and allow others some authority. Bubble baths make better dates than fancy dinners outside the home

Leo - Making deals is your strength but this week you must learn how to break them, with finesse. Don't turn down an attractive person because you think you know their socio-economic status because looks can be deceiving

Virgo - Your practical side knows that you should attend to business at the office instead of pleasure. Listen to that voice, so you stay out of trouble

Libra - Being polite and appropriate may allow you to fit in but it won't solve your current problems. Make a little noise at the country club and in the bedroom and see how fast you get what you want

Scorpio - The game changes in your favor but you have to let go of what you used to perceive as a win. Try not be controlling and go with the flow and be flexible and watch your trophies like up

Sagittarius - What you once wanted in a relationship may not work for you now that you have matured. Be open to new ways of relating. A lucky break will put your career goals back on track

Capricorn - Be still and silent when chaos erupts around you this week, if you stay calm you may find a way to profit from it all

Aquarius - Don't settle for less than someone who truly loves you. Money, power and popularity won't kiss your boo boos and make them all better. Find a way to make amends that doesn't involve any confessions. Make restitution for anything you know was wrong but cover your behind as well

Pisces - Stay tuned in to the partners in your life this week. Is there a balance in your exchanges? Don't let finances become an issue in love, its not worth it