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Weekly Horoscopes for the week of October 2nd 2017

sivabit Diana Black Sunday, October 1st 2017.

Aries - A few glances may be all it takes to start a new love affair, just be sure that you really want to be through with the old one before the flirtation gets too hot. Make room in your life or home for a friend who is struggling right now- they will return the favor later

Taurus - Your marketing skill are at an all time high so use them this week to sell yourself to others this week. This goes for promotions, new jobs and even romance. Try to make it to bed a little earlier this week because the changes of seasons require a little more rest than usual

Gemini - Mercury's sign change into Libra will turn you into a social butterfly for the next few weeks. Just be sure that you are hanging out with the right crowd so that your reputation doesn't take a hit. It will be tempting to call up an old flame even if it just out of curiosity, but try to remember that what didn't work before will surely not work out now

Cancer - A chance to get to the top of the corporate food chain can be yours but you may lose a few allies in the form of coworkers as your rise will make them feel like they have fallen down. Don't mix business and pleasure right now because it will only cloud issues and make for bad deals in both departments

Leo - You will want to be heard concerning an important work issue this week, but it may be better to just let it go for now because if you speak up it will only make things worse. A close friend will want you to meet someone new. Most "blind dates" are scary, but this one may be a pleasant surprise

Virgo - You have accomplished a lot at work and school in the last few weeks so you can give yourself a pat on the back and treat for all of it. A friend may try to become a third wheel on a date with your sweetheart but it's best to set boundaries when it comes to your 'alone time'

Libra - A secret love affair may seem tempting, but these things rarely work out. You deserve to be with someone who is proud to show you off to the "others" in their life. A coworker 's offensive sense of humor will not sit well with you, but it's best to just ignore them than to make a fuss

Scorpio - A pleasant surprise may come from an old flame this week, but make sure that you let it be known that accepting a gift doesn't mean that you are back together. Say nothing when a coworker tries to engage you in a battle of words; you know that they will only get hurt and you don't need that resentment right now

Sagittarius - Try to settle any family disputes peacefully this week as it will be tempting to take a chunk out of some of the more obnoxious ones and that won't solve anything no matter how satisfying it would be in the moment. Online dating is not recommended for the next few weeks, try the local library or gym if you are looking for love at this time

Capricorn - Don't settle for any "maybes" this week, let anyone who is not sure of what they want that you need a definitive answer in both love and business. Take the time to get a tracking number on an outgoing packages you plan to send at this time to avoid any issues with shipping

Aquarius - Resist the temptation to reach out in a romantic fashion to a sexy coworker or colleague because it will only end in a confusing mess. If you really want them wait a while and see how it goes. Besides there is someone more suitable trying to catch your eye right now. If you have investments watch them carefully right now so that don't lose out on any big opportunities

Pisces - You may feel caught in the crossfire between two battling friends or relatives this week. Just try to stay out of the battle and resist the temptation to choose sides so that you can keep them both regardless of which one is left standing. If your ex is hanging around all of a sudden it's just because they have finally wised up about how wonderful you are and what a big mistake they made by letting you go