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Weekly Moon Messages for April 30- May 6, 2018

sivabit Diana Black Tuesday, May 1st 2018.

Weekly Moon Messages for April 30- May 6, 2018




Moon in Scorpio

VOC 10:56pm

You will discover a lot of secret information today. The light shines through the darkness. Lean on a friend if emotion gets heavy


Moon in Sagittarius 11:19am

Don't let your feelings of detachment cause you to lose out on an opportunity to bond with someone new


Moon in Sagittarius

Review your current social agenda. Adjust whom you hang out with if its not working out


Moon in Capricorn 10:06pm

Go over your financials today. Things may be better than you think


Moon in Capricorn

Moon conjunct Saturn 4:02pm

Today is not the day to plan date night or fun outing. Read a book or learn a new skill and avoid family drama


Moon in Capricorn

Moon conjunct Pluto 5pm

You will need to release your fear as suspicions creep into your mind. Some will be valid but others are just creepy crawls from your shadow side


Moon in Aquarius 10:48am

Moon conjunct Mars


This is not a friendly day so find a solo activity