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Weekly Moon Messages for March 19-25, 2018

sivabit Diana Black Sunday, March 18th 2018.


VOC 3:29pm

Moon in Taurus 9:07pm

Today is not the best day to try to change anyone’s mind as folks will be unusually stubborn and set in their ways. Money matters should be attended to in a practical way; don’t let anyone or any corporation play on your emotions in order to get your resources


Moon in Taurus

Sun in Aries

Screen your calls for telemarketers and scam charities today so that you don’t get sucked into anything that you can’t get out of later. Food is the best way to entertain your loved ones. Make a great meal at home instead of spending money you could be saving


VOC 1:21pm

This is not the day to make important days or sign contracts as they will likely fall through. Resist the temptation to indulge in or believe in juicy gossip that has no real basis


Moon in Gemini 1:30am

Mercury Retrograde

Avoid smooth talking individuals and know liars in your family and social group today. The game players will be hungry for energy to achieve their sneaky goals


VOC 11:52pm

Don’t work too hard to satisfy your neighbors and others in your environment because even though they have the power to make your outer circumstances miserable, they can’t touch your inner light if you don’t allow it


Moon in Cancer 4:53pm

Get a new perspective on your family dynamic by asking an extended relative what their view is. A third party can make your confusion clear. Wait until buying an expensive item as it is likely to go on sale within a few days Sunday

Moon in Cancer

Make your living space more inviting using potted plants and flowers. The nature energy will clean the air and bring your spirits up. Don’t jump to conclusions if your lover or spouse needs some space. Everyone needs to process their thoughts and feelings sometimes