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Where is Mr. Right and True love?

admin Satori Nation Sunday, December 1st 2013.

 The neverending question ladies. Well it is a question that everyone defines in their own unique way. I can tell you what "true love"isn't.True love isn't a "want". True love is a state of being with another soul where there is an alignment of mind,body and soul. Mental, physical and spiritual.

 Many times we have a vision of what we want in Mr. Right. How he looks,his age,and where he "fits in to our life".Yet  over and over we seem to keep meeting the "same" kind of man. Patterns repeat and the same issues keep surfacing.An endless cycle. Many women come to me and say "I don't know why but I seem to just meet jerks" I attract them.Yes! you are attracting them like a magnet. The universe most likely has presented the same issue repeatedly to you and you have not taken the lessons you are to have learned and resolved them.The good news is you can end this pattern and change the vibrational energy you are ommitting to the universe. Stop attracting someone to fill the void.

 When the balance is off with either Mind,Body or soul the kilter is off. Like attracts like.It is of my opinion the most important work we can do as women is the spiritual work.  With spirituality comes an understanding. Not only of ones self but of humanity on a different level. Empathy,compassion and completion.

 With spirituality comes a knoweledge that we can never "change" another person. Everyone is on their "own journey". In the "spiritual"world there is perfection. The unfortunate reality is that in the material world life's obstacles and imperfections face us on a daily basis. The "spiritual bubble of bliss"can seem to pop...This is when the balance of mind and body come into play.Within the mind our fears dwell.The past hurts we have faced.The "games we tend to "play"in relationships.Our intellectual "rationizations".Our ego....Then we have the physical..The physical in my opinion tends to carry much of the weight in most relationships.You know right in the beginning .That euphric wonderful physical attraction.The good news is this can last a lifetime with your Mr. Right. However the alignment of both souls needs to be in place......Or it caves in..

   We all have a vision of how "we want" our future. I do believe we can attain our dreams.On the same note we are rarely presented things we "want" we generally are presented exactly what we "need" at the time we need it...Timing in the universe is divine and exact. It is perfect. How many times have we said to ourselves? If only the timing was different? The are" a million "what if's" in life.The only thing we have is "now"

  My advice? Ladies the only thing we can do and the only work we can do is on ourselves.When we do this we will attract "Mr.Right" On the same note Mr.Right has to have the realization and the alignment as well.Like I have said timing in the universe is perfect. It is our ideas of what we "want" that prevent us from what we may"need" When we are ok with understanding that everything we have is all we need and lay aside our "wants" The future will truly be everthing we "wanted" Most likely just not our idea of what we "wanted".....We must break the box and be open to what may be right in front of us....Awareness is key...

   All I can say ladies with every "Mr. Wrong" you are one step closer to "Mr. Right" Learn your lessons and don't let the "Mr. Wrongs" keep coming back...or Mr. Right might just pass you by.....Have faith.

     Stop trying to make "it happen" When it does you "will know" and on the same note"he will "know".You will be aligned. I am not saying everything will be perfect...however you will be perfect for each other. Perfect for the journey into the future together, Understanding each others mind.Knowing their soul and a perfect physical union......Growing together and understanding love is also a work in progress. Not a project that you ever "finish" In our journey throughout this life we are always growing and changing everyday.

  So when the universe's time is right you will meet him and appreciate his soul for who he is and he will appreciate your soul for who you are....You will both realize the "gift" in each other ...It just will be....