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Why he acts like he doesn't care - Explained

deeSecrets Love Solutions Sunday, June 16th 2013.

He seems to just not care- Explained!

by Love Specialist

Reuniting couples is my specialty.  I am asked often if that is really possible?  Yes it is!  But you must be willing to do the work, have patience and no matter what happens - STAY POSITIVE!

Understanding what is really going on can give a new perspective. This new way of looking at it can help you through this difficult and confusing time.

Many things are said and done when there is relationship troubles or a break up.  Men say stupid things as a way of copying with the situation.   Men are not emotional creatures, but women are emotional creatures. To a woman a man may seem cold with some of his behavior during post break up. It is important to understand it is just the way the man copes with the emotional stuff. The best thing you can do is ignore it and never take it personally.

Understand what is actually going on when faced with the insensitive, uncaring or cold demeanor. Men are not emotional. Why? Men are not attached to emotions. Men have emotions, but are not necessarily attached to them. Meaning when something with intense emotions happens (breakup), a man simply doesn’t know how to process since there is not attachment. So the man shuts down. This is how the man copes. He will eventually deal with emotions, but he has to get over his pain and confusion of break up.  

Most women will see this time with nothing but doom and gloom, that if he cared he would not be so insensitive and act like he doesn’t care. When actually it is the opposite.   He feels too much emotion and often confusion to whether it is right decision to walk away from the relationship. It is hard for him to talk or see you because of his attraction and love he still feels. In his mind he has clear reasons he thinks the relationship will not work.  For him the only option he can see is to walk away.  

He may not really want this in his heart, but he doesn’t see that he can fix it (may have tried several times) and believes he will/is making the woman unhappy. That is when he walks away. Then seems cold and insensitive as he deals with his emotions and confusion.