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Why is spiritual life coaching so powerful and empowering?

princessofpeaceandlove Princess of Peace and Love Monday, January 28th 2013.

In this article, I am going to talk about why I feel spiritual life coaching tools are so powerful and impactful on your entire life.  If you are not entirely sure what a spiritual life coaching tool is, let me give you an example to keep in your awareness as you go through this article.  One super powerful one is setting intentions.  One inner of mine is:  My intention is to feel joyful, energetic, happy, and in the flow.  One outer of mine is:  It is my intention to be frequently surrounded by a circle of fun, enthusiastic, like-minded people that I feel safe and supported by.  These and other intentions I have written out in bright colors and hung up on my wall.  (Read on and at the end I will tell you what manifested from these intentions.)

So what happens in a spiritual life coaching session? 

A full length spiritual life coaching session generally entails the following steps:

(Note that as you go through this process, every step is shifting your energy and raising your vibration)


Setting intentions, both inner and outer

Sharing successes and what’s working since the last session

Update on inspired actions you committed to in the last session, for accountability

Discussion of how you’ve been using the tools and strategies you already know:  receiving support and guidance from your coach and connecting to guidance from your own inner coach to be fully successful in integrating the tools and strategies into your life.

Learning, practicing, and adapting (if appropriate) new coaching tool(s)

Birthing your next inspired actions

If I had to narrow this down to the most important part, I would say that the most powerful step of the process is learning how to use a new tool that you can use for the rest of your life, for your personal empowerment and for your personal success.

Let me give you an analogy with a physical tool that I think you can relate to.  Back when I was in high school, my mom wanted me to take a 1 semester course called personal typing, teaching me how to touch type (i.e. not looking at the keys).  Ok, sure, I was cool with that.  What do I remember mostly was having a very nice teacher who was very kind to my sensitive nature, never typing any faster than about 25wpm (still true!) and making typing errors every few words (also still true!).  But basically, the entire course really just taught me ONE tool, and that tool has proved to be immensely, incredibly valuable throughout my entire life.  Can you imagine how long it would have taken me to write this article if my best skill was hunt and peck?  When I write something using a keyboard, I like putting the majority of my focus and energy on the flow of my ideas, rather than focusing on the keyboard.  You can see that as I look back, I am very appreciative that my mom and my teacher facilitated the learning of this tool, to support me and create a lot more ease and the ability to succeed in my life.

Now, let’s move back to the spiritual level.  The power to co-create is in the combination of you and God, and the tool facilitates that.  The tool is the bridge or the channel between you and the Divine Source.  Often we are trying to create what we desire but without knowing the appropriate tool and how to use it, it is no wonder that creating is difficult, if not impossible!  I will say, without a doubt, that learning the spiritual life coaching and energy tools was the most empowering thing that I have experienced in my life.  I had such a strong desire to seek this out in my life because most of my life prior was spent feeling badly, negative, insecure, and in a nutshell, miserable.  That really is what motivated me to decide to become a spiritual life coach.  Yes, I am very good at this work.  Yes, I really enjoy it.  But what really deeply motivated me to offer my service to people in this way is that I so vividly remembered how intensely miserable I felt so much of the time.  I realized that I could help people get out of so much misery and pain and living a life where they were just suffering through it because they JUST DIDN’T KNOW how to be joyful and create fulfillment for themselves.  I have tested out many, many tools and I have high standards for what I will recommend.  I’ve probably rejected about 90% of what I’ve explored and I’ve kept that 10% that’s the crème de la crème, plus the tools HAVE to be fun and easy!!!  Hey, I’m a princess and princesses like to glow and flow, not toil away to exhaustion!  ;-)

Now, to wrap up, what manifested from those 2 intentions I mentioned?  Whenever I am feeling grumpy and I connect with that inner intention, my energy DOES shift and I do feel joyful, energetic, happy, and in the flow.  Miraculous, but true!  I connected with Source and there are no limits on what can happen.  As far as the outer intention, just a couple of months ago I manifested myself into the most amazing, supportive, fun, friendly women’s group with the most high vibrational gals I have every been around!  And the most incredible part is that we actually do sit IN A CIRCLE on the floor of the host’s living room!

I hope this article has been enlightening to you as to what spiritual life coaching is all about.  If what I have described here has resonated with you, I’d love to connect with you and guide you in learning and using the tools that will make your life juicy, yummy, and absolutely overflowing with love for many, many years!