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Do I have Psychic Abilities?

millerangel33 Lynn Miller Tuesday, October 26th 2010.

 Over the years I have a so many clients come to me and give specific instances in their lives of psychic moments. Not sure If they themselves may have abilities.

  I believe most people have had psychic "moments" in their lives. Some more than others. People ask me how did " I learn"? Well I had the ability my whole life. The learning process was just finding out how to best apply it and what it meant. For me it was extremely strong and it came initially through dreams when I was younger. It can be a frightening thing especially at a young age!

 I tell my clients to pay attention during the day to the little flashes of thoughts. Many times these are psychic flashes. Most people do not pay attention to. dreams are also very important. The two times I find the most informative are the inbetween states of waking and going to sleep... It is a meditative state and often we are tapped in psycically.

  Follow "your gut"...If something feels wrong it probably is. Do not let your head justify it.Our body has the ability to tap us in as well! when I do my readings I actually feel the energy in my body coincide with what I am "getting'. If something is very strong I will actually feel a tingle throughout my body and the energy rise.

 Yes some of us are born with the gift  and it is very apparent. Some of us have flashes and don't pay attention to them. If you think you are a dormant psychic. My advice embrace it! Pay attention to it. learn how to differentiate psychic flashes from your own thoughts. Don't be afraid. remember it comes in many different ways some of us feel, some get visions, and some just words. I know some psychics that will read and get cartoon characters in reference to certain instances or funny phrases. It is a learning process on the interpretation of how things come to you. When I started to do reading as a teenager I would just practice with my friends. I had to in essence test myself. I needed to learn how the gift worked for me.It took years and in the beginning I remember I had to hold back.Some of the stuff I got seemed so outlandish. After years os knowing my own gift I no longer hold back and have learned how to interpret what I get for each individual I am working with.

 So If you think you may have abilities I suggest to really pay attention to those moments. write them down. Do not be afraid even If them seem odd. Practice with family or close friends. do a reading for them and gain confidence in your ability! You will find that by accepting your gift will open up a whole new world so enjoy!!