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sivabit Diana Black Monday, September 22nd 2014.

Pluto stations direct on Monday evening just before the sun enters Libra announcing the fall equinox. Pluto is the planet of endings and transformation and is the planetary ruler of the intense sign of Scorpio and the natural 8th house of the zodiac. This is the area of our lives where magic happens, but it is also where we have the tendency to become obsessive or experience it from others. This is where we learn about, and experience power in all forms, especially the unseen. This can be the spirit world, the underworld; the world of microscopic microbes and germs, international spies, undercover agents, manipulative cult leaders, etc. Pluto is what we can’t control and can either help us or survive or can threaten our way of life and very existence. It is deadly, hidden, and has power over us. This can be used for good or ill, it is neutral until directed by intention.

The natural energy of any planet that natal or transiting Pluto aspects will be intensified showing what and who are working in our lives and what is not. It cuts away the dead weight so that we have more regenerative energy. A Pluto transit will show what is draining our vitality. If aspecting Mars it will show where our energy and attention is being drained and manipulated. If in aspect to Neptune it will show where our blind spots are, where we are vulnerable to self-deception. One thing is for sure, nothing will ever be the same after it has had contact with Pluto, if it even exists after that at all.

Pluto, now in the steady and successful sign of Capricorn, has been in retrograde motion since April 2014. Planetary retrogrades are optical illusions that make it appear from our vantage point that these orbs are moving backwards in the sky! Now, we know that this is not actually possible however it speaks to how powerful personal and group perception are. The blanket of security that Pluto afforded us from a certain point of view if taken away during a retrograde period. We tend to notice what giving away or abusing our own personal power has cost us. Now our psyches will start to heal and move forward from this intense experience under this summer’s intense transits. We will feel ourselves rising out of the ashes of our last Pluto experience.

It is time to start fresh in our own power and adjust our own scales so that we can go onto this new season and connect with others with a new perspective and open eyes. We will be on more even footing now with all of the Libran vibrations. The fall equinox is before us and that usher a in a new season and opportunity to do things better this cycle around the zodiac. The sun has entered the partnership sign of Libra and is supported further by a new moon on the 24th in Libra as well. Relationships will be tested. Some people will not want to let go. Others will refuse to stay away and attach themselves to others out of obsession or jealousy. It will be a little bumpy for anyone who is not sure of their current standing in their business, romantic, social and familial relationships. So take an inventory now so that you will be prepared to face these challenges or have the courage to walk away if necessary.

We must weigh the pros and cons in the energy exchanges that we have with the people in our lives, and a lot cutting will be necessary, however, it will only serve to strengthen bonds that are made at this time and those from the past that transform and withstand this intensity.