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sivabit Diana Black Sunday, March 8th 2015.

Aries- Your celebration coincides with someone else’s trauma; postpone the party

Taurus- Coming on too strong can get you rejected and arrested; take it slow

Gemini- Your partner has the idea that you are their personal ATM; cancel their cards

Cancer- A little love goes a long way; use kindness and you’ll break the competition

Leo- If you suspect they are cheating, they probably are- look into the facts quick

Virgo- Is this person really the one? Do your soul searching now before getting attached

Libra- Keep your reunion plans to yourself for now so no one holds you back

Scorpio- You’ll have to revisit some unpleasant issues this week; try not to regress

Sagittarius- It’s time to make yourself unavailable to undesirables- change your number

Capricorn- Sometimes it’s not karma, it’s just a crazy person- get a restraining order

Aquarius- Magic happens when you least expect this week; show your gratitude

Pisces- Don’t cry over spilled merlot or an ex lover; pop a new bottle with a new friend