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vicd108 Vic DiCara - Astrologer Wednesday, September 18th 2013.


Vedic Astrology gives Aquarius the name and symbol of Kumbha – which means “pot.” In the West we visualize this as a pot of water being poured out. In Vedic Astrology we see the pot as a place to gather and store valuable things.

Aquarius values knowledge of deep things. They try to collect articles of such knowledge in their melting-pot, and then use what they have collected in a socially directed way.

It is a sign of humility, patience and practicality which can sometimes beetoo timid and meek but which has exalted abundance of generous desires to do good for ones social groups and appreciates logical and practical approaches to morality and religion.

The arts are very appreciated in this sign, because it holds inherent ability to perceive inner emotional realities in a practical and tangible manner. It is a sign well suited to careers in communications. The intellect of Aquarius is very well suited for creative thinking about obscure and metaphysical topics, but is somewhat less in tune with normal thought processes and sometimes becomes confused regarding everyday things.

Aquarius identifies deeply with other people and the opposite sex, and this often provides important challenges and lessons to those born under this sign.

How Aquarius Derives These Traits

Houses of Aquarius

Saturn owns Aquarius and contributes humility, patience, practicality, and simplicity to the inherent natural qualities of this sign. He creates a  prominent need for courage, boldness, & enthusiasm. But provides prominent abundance in: desire to do good & appreciation for logical approaches to morality and religion.

Venus is the only planet that is fully friendly towards Aquarius by nature. She is a very powerful friend, however, granting Aquarius the inherent ability to perceive inner, emotional and spiritual things clearly. She wants to bless Aquarius with emotional fortune and sensitivity to perceive what is held in the private, inner soul.

Mercury, the Moon, Jupiter & Mars are inherently neutral towards Aquarius.Mercury can bestow very creative intellect for mysterious and esoteric subjects, well suited for astrology and the spiritual occult. However he also causes Aquarius’ intellect to be more easily confused and darkened regarding relatively “non-mysterious” subjects.  The Moon contributes a humble and service oriented mentality to Aquarius, on of the reasons that the symbology of this signs is a water-bearer. However Aquarius feels quite vulnerable to the whims of persons who are not always friendly. Jupiter contributes social generosity that impacts on friendships and has a financial undertone. Mars brings to Aquarius an inherent passion for careers in communications arts.

The Sun is the only inherent enemy of Aquarius, and causes deep identification with the opposite sex, compeling those relationships to be of a deep or “spiritual” nature or else pose challenges.

Additional Info

Number: 11th House - the house of social gains. This grants interest in making contributions to one’s society and social groups.

Element: Air. This pushes Aquarius towards the tangible and grants perceptivity and a predilection to find pleasure.

Pattern: Rooted. This contributes a desire for a strength in one self and in ones surroundings.

- Vic DiCara