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LaraNoel Lara Monday, March 9th 2015.



Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be ~ Alan Watts


Happy Equinox and Pisces New Moon!!!


Big changes and challenges have been a focus for many us these past few weeks as the Uranus/Pluto square was triggered by Venus, then Mars, and then finished its 7th and final square on Monday, just as we are about to head into the next series of Eclipses. Many of us are looking for the “Pause” button, but this energy is full on and unrelenting! 


I’ve been in somewhat of a recluse these past few months. And that’s what oftentimes happens with a pile up of planets, not only in Pisces, but in my 12th house, the Pisces house. Health issues flared, confusion arose, and overwhelm set in. It hasn’t helped that the Uranus/Pluto square has been activating my Mars and Mercury as well. I have the strong urge to move forward and make changes, but the 12th house activation is bringing up many unconscious and self sabotaging patterns, and forcing me to address these issues before I can move forward. These happen to be many of the themes were are all working with during this Pisces New Moon Eclipse!


Pisces is often about clearing up past karma and emotional wounding. It is the ultimate release of our ego and old identity before we rebirth into Aries and reinvent ourselves. This clearing out is further amplified by completion of the 3 year Uranus/Pluto Square cycle, and by the fact that this New Moon is a Total Solar Eclipse, in the last degree of Pisces. The 29th degree. The Anaretic degree. The degree of Self Mastery of the themes of whichever sign its in. It is the ultimate completion and new beginning of a cycle. This is the first Eclipse in Pisces, which will continue in the Pisces/Aries axis over the next 2 years and are beginning the journey of Self Mastery of all things Pisces. 


So what themes does Pisces embody? Which parts of ourselves are we mastering? Our unconscious self is at the beginning of the list, and mastering this part of ourself is absolutely necessary if we are to manifest our dreams. With the unconscious expression of Pisces we are the Saboteur, the Victim, the Deceiver, the Addict. We become addicted to our suffering and find ways, unconsciously of course, to keep ourself there. With the Conscious expression of Pisces, we are the Dreamer, the Visionary, the Artist, the Intuitive, the Healer, the Enlightened One. We gain insight into our higher purpose, and with compassion and love, bring that vision into reality.


We may all be feeling highly sensitive right now, emotional and in a place of overwhelm or confusion. We may be facing feelings of betrayal, victimization, guilt, grief, or lose. Neptune, the ruler of this New Moon, is conjunct Mercury, Ruler of Virgo, the opposing sign of Pisces, and loosely square Saturn, which has just recently turned retrograde. Mercury/Neptune bring health and illness into focus. Our unconscious patterns and unexpressed emotions, in this lifetime and past lifetimes, can manifest as illness, which is no cause for blame and judgment, but force us to take a deeper look at the underlying issues and begin the healing process. Neptune/Saturn brings focus to our boundaries, or lack of, and the deep underlying fears and anxieties around abandonment and betrayal. 


It may be difficult to make decision right now, but as these weeks unfold, we’ll be gaining more clarity in our direction. Our reality and faith in the unfolding life is being shaken and simultaneously strengthened. We see the places where we’ve felt abandoned, have abandoned ourself or lost track of our path, are afraid or resistant to change and follow our vision. We are being forced to reevaluate and realign. This journey of Piscean Self Mastery requires that we master the qualities of compassion and forgiveness, first for ourself, which then makes it possible to do for others. We are learning to follow our intuition, and be honest and true to ourself and our higher path, complimenting the Uranus/Pluto energy.



Eclipses offer us a chance to breakthrough stuck, old patterns and forge new paths. Challenging events are often forced upon us, to help bring light to the places we most need to change. Opportunities for change and healing are at our fingertips, offering us the change to redefine ourself and our life! In two weeks time, the Full Moon Eclipse in Libra and will activate the Uranus/Pluto Square, generating more change, awakening and evolution in our personal relationships! Pisces is now offering a window into our suffering, pain, and unconscious patterns that have been hindering our forward movement. Insights and intuitive messages are coming through, and our work is to discover what’s intuition and what illusion. Over the next two weeks, its extra important that we be clear and conscious of our thoughts, communication, and actions, keeping in mind how we affect others in this process. Healing is the greatest gift that Pisces offers, and consciously choosing the path of awareness over avoidance is our biggest choice now. Its time to Seed our dreams and commit to the work healing it takes to see them blossom!