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Can developing your Intuition be of practical use? When some say Psychic Readings are just rubbish

mediumMarie Medium Marie Monday, June 4th 2012.

Have you ever felt as if there was something more you should be doing with your life?
Maybe you felt that there is a hidden talent just ready to burst into success, or a special mission, a soul purpose you are ready to achieve?

Wouldn't it be nice to have guidance from higher intelligence as to how to achieve more?
This is exactly what developing your own intuition can provide, or receiving an Intuitive Psychic Reading can direct you towards.

Once you harness the power of your own natural intuition – you can make solid choices that will help make the rest of your life the best life you live.

Are you a natural psychic but don't “know it”?

* Have you every though of somebody, the phone rings, and it's that person?
* Or perhaps you say something at exactly the same time as a friend says or thinks it.
* Have you ever dreamed of something, and then you live it the next day, or months later?
* Have you ever had a dream that contained information that helped you solve a problem?

Did you think to yourself 'yes' to any of the above questions?
Well, you're not alone. Most people have.

How can ones Intuition or receiving a Psychic Reading be of practical use?
When confronted with a choice, you naturally want to make the best decisions possible. Utilizing your own Intuition will most often provide you with additional information to help you make a more informative correct decision, rather than an blind or possibly wrong choice.

Bad decisions lead to:
* disappointment
* arguments
* unhappiness
* financial loss
* suffering
* failure
* stress
* poor health

Good decisions bring you to:
* bring you success
* happiness
* respect
* health & longevity
* fulfillment and love

Isn't relying on Psychic Readings and Intuition just a whole load of rubbish?
I'll be honest, when I started my career as a Spiritual and Intuitive advisor 20 years ago, I experience my share of both excellent and “please go home you are an embarisement to both yourself and the profession” reader.

The Intuitive profession, like any other profession, will have its share of below average practitioners. Just as you may find Accountants, Doctors, Lawyers, Chefs, Teachers, etc. Who have stopped investing in, expanding on and most likely lost passion for their trade. Which results in them no longer living up to their projected professional persona and salary.

The below client testimonials showcase the benefit how a real Intuitive and Psychic reading can provide benefitial additional information. Which can not only assist in making a more informative decision. But, can also help reduce ones stress level, by offering a level of reassurance of what is to come.

I spoke to Marie on 9/27/09 and I asked her about my job situation. She told me that I would get a job offer on Oct. 15th. Well it happened, On Oct. 15th I was presented with a job offer. Marie was right! Totally accurate, professional and gives great advice. I highly recommend you give her a call.

She told me that I would be receiving a check between the 4th and 6th and I received it on the 5th. She also said that I would see a certain someone on a certain day and that also was exact. Her time tables and readings are perfect and so accurate!

Umm... WOW! A plumber quoted me a job this morning for about $2700, and then Marie read for me this afternoon saying I'd be hit with a pretty big bill of about $2700 this month! - This is about my tenth call, and she has still been 100% accurate.

10/08/09 I called Marie today to ask 2 questions. One she predicted that the issue with my having a new position was that they were not ready to hire the position until January. VOILA! I find out this afternoon that that is exactly the issue. They are still working out the department and now not hiring til January. WOW. She was right on.

Here are a few reasons why ESP and your own Intuition are of great value:
First, you can use your intuition to dictect information that is not available to your physical sense. Why is that valuable?

As Joseph Silva's, the founder of the Silva Method of ESP says – “There is no such thing as a problem without a solution, only problems for which we do not have enough information to know what the solution is.” Once you have enough information, it is easy to make a decision and solve the problem.

Second, once you learn how to project – you can work with remote healing. You can project a mental image of perfect health in order to attract matter to return to the perfect mold that the Creator provided for the physical body.

Everything begins in the mind; first you think a thing, then you do it.

With the knowledge gained from either a Psychic Reading, or by utilizing your own Intuition, you can take the steps necessary to alter your subconscious. With the practice of meditation you can access the Alpha state, and mentally correct any abnormality. Then it will be easier to bring out the correction in the physical dimension (this is why meditation is so powerful and effective).

As you take the time to develop your own intuition – I advise you to seek counsel from professional Intuitive and Psychic Advisors. They can help you get in tune with your inner and higher self. Assisting you on your journey. Helping you avoid repeating the same “life lessons”.

Learning how to trust and be guided by your intuition will align you on the your own unique path of least resistance and utmost happiness. Life should be spent making the right decisions making this the best life we can possibly live.

How do I begin?
As you begin, you will need to balance your Yin/Yang Energy and understand the dynamics of your Aura. You can become highly intuitive, but you also need to learn how to use that new-found talent in your everyday life. You may discover all the inspiration and inner guidance you want, but you need to act on it and make it work for you. So it's essential to discover your strengths and weakness so that you can work on them in optimize your psychic intuition.

Ying energy is feminine and introspective and dominates the right side of the brain, which olds the key to our creative, sensitive and intuitive qualities. Yank energy is masculine, bringing logic, assertiveness and practicality, and relates to the left side of the brain.

In order to use our creative intuitive psychic gifts fully, we need to have them balanced, integrating both sides of our brain. Too much yin energy can mean you're a dreamer who lacks motivation. You may have flashes of inspiration, creative and intuitive thoughts but be unable to use them constructively.

Too much forceful yang energy means you're very pragmatic and assertive, but can never relax and be receptive enough to listen to what your inner voice has to say. This is how much of society has progressed. Many of us have become too yang-orientated, reliant on every sort of technology from the dishwasher to our mobile devices. We analyze all our problems. Sometime we forget to feel.

The extreme yang people reading this will be determined to succeed, frustrated if your psychic awareness doesn't develop quickly enough. You will need to discover that it isn't a race. The extreme yin readers may get lost in the exercise and possibly lose sight of their objectives.

The majority of your time will need to be spent mastering and balancing your mind. Which in turn, will help you balance your Yin/Yang energies and help you reach the Alpha state. If you are experiencing any blockages in balance and calming your mind - I suggest attending a live group guided meditation (or Kelly Howells cds – BrainSync for home) and the assistance of an Acupuncturist to align your Qi.

Best of Luck!

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