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Astrology Forecast Friday August 2nd 2013

Friday: the Moon remains in curious, versatile, chatty Gemini and VoC all day (see Wednesday and Thursday for details).

Friday very early morning, exact at 2:32am EDT, Venus opposes Chiron. We started feeling this aspect build from Tuesday on; it will be strong until next week Tuesday. This opposition asks us to create a balance between our emotional healing process and our relationships. 

We may feel insecure around others at this time; we need to first heal our own deep fears of not being "good enough", learning to love ourselves -- and then seeing how we can meet our partners halfway. As best as you can, bring the gift of compassion, understanding and forgiveness to your own insecurities or feelings of unworthiness -- then gift that to others.

Do you have your Ascendant, Career Point (or personal planets) in the following placements: 10-16 degrees of Pisces, Virgo,Sagittarius or Gemini ? If so, you are more affected by this aspect. This is also true for those of us who have our Ascendant or Sun-sign in Taurus, Libra (Venus is the ruler of Taurus and Libra).

Also on Friday: we enter the Balsamic Moon phase; this lasts until Tuesday afternoon next week, when the New Moon becomes exact. We are being asked to slow down and get quiet, so we can listen to our intuition. For some of us, this might be a stretch. As best as you can: stay grounded, take a deep breath and exhale any tensions.
Rather than starting something brand-new, put all that energy into completing existing projects. This is also a great time for letting go of whatever no longer serves us. What if you could hear the voice of your inner wisdom? What might it be saying? 

Lastly, an opportune aspect between Venus and Mars becomes exact at 4:35pm EDT on Friday.We started to feel this aspect from last week Friday on; it will be strong until next week Friday.This aspect brings an opportunity for success and ease in close personal interactions. We are more likely to feel passionate and sexy. We may make permanent ties or relationships that prove to be fruitful. 

This could also be a good time for financial ventures, social life, artistic pursuits, romance, and pleasure. Remember: this is an "opportunity" -- those aren't necessarily handed to us, we have to make them happen.

Do you have your Ascendant, Career Point (MC) or any personal planets in 12-16 degrees of Virgo, Cancer, Taurus or Scorpio? If so, you may be more aware of this opportunity.This is also true for those of us who have our Ascendant or Sun-sign inTaurus, Libra or Aries (Venus is the ruler of Taurus and Libra; Mars is the ruler of Aries)