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Do psychics give false hope?

mediumMarie Medium Marie Sunday, May 19th 2013.

After twenty years of psychic training and developing my own psychic intuition, I’ve learned that psychic abilities are not the gift of a chosen few. Some people are more adept than others, but with practice and belief, anyone can open the doors to their own psychic potential. That being said, those who find it easier to do this might be inclined to offer their services prematurely. Please keep this in mind as you seek psychic counsel.

A professional psychic will offer more than “mind reading” and “fortune telling”.

How often have you had a reading in which you were thrilled by the accurate account of your present situation, yet the psychic provided no guidance on overcoming obstacles, and the future prediction given to you never occurred? This often happens when you chose a “psychic” that does not rise above your conscious thoughts. What a psychic is doing here is using only telepathic skills, without delving into the higher mind to discover the deeper truth. Many practicing psychics never go beyond this “mind-reading” level.

Telepathic communication is when you send and receive information using only your thoughts. We transmit thoughts telepathically every day, just by thinking about someone or something. At times, when you think about someone, you may even sense that he or she is thinking about you. This is a telepathic connection. Ever think about someone and then they call you? It's because you were telepathically picking up on their thoughts of calling you.

But when a psychic gives a reading while remaining on a purely telepathic level, the psychic is telling the person's their wants, fears and desires at that time – and in some cases eliciting false hope.

That’s why it’s important to know how experienced the psychic giving your psychic phone reading is. To know how experienced a psychic is, always read the psychic's client testimonials and validated psychic predictions.

The difference between a psychic and a qualified professional psychic with keen psychic intuition is that a professional psychic will offer more than “mind reading” and “fortune telling”.

Professional psychics use their telepathic skill, but also rise above them to channel information from a higher source. I've been offering my intuitive services for the past two decades. Personally, I channel information from my Guides (Guides are entities who have usually had a physical life on earth). With this information I offer clear guidance that helps one overcome any difficult circumstances.

A professional psychic will:

  • Be able to sense a situation as is, with limited client input.
  • Look at the big picture to help you better understand your situation.
  • Be able to tell you accuratly of upcoming life event "mile markers" to pay attention for.
  • Leave you feeling empowered on how you can improve any challenging situation to get back on the right back.
  • NEVER leave you feeling weak or fearful.
  • Have a listing of client testimonials or feedback.

A well meaning, but non-professional psychic could lead you in circles!

Here is an example of how a well intentioned psychic can lead you in circles:

A client came to me for relationship help. He was in love with his ex-girlfriend. He thought about her all the time and was certain that they would get back together, for she loved him and wanted him in her life. My client had invested money in many psychic readings just to find out how this woman felt about him and when she would speak to him next. When I started our reading, I picked up that she did indeed love him and thought about him often, but she didn’t want to get back together. There was a difference in their core values: she didn’t want to be a mother and my client wanted to raise a family.

It's natural for an inexperienced psychic to answer only the client's direct question. A well established professional psychic knows to look deeper. The psychics my client called prior weren't experienced enough to know that love doesn't always reunited a couple. If they looked deeper they would have seen that because she loved him – she wouldn't go back to him. She wanted him to find someone else, for she herself could not fulfill his needs. This is what we get when we look deeper. Unfortunately, my client had spent hundreds of dollars on psychic readings trying to “figure out” if she stilled loved him, when really that was a moot point.

After a few sessions with me he began to understand that yes, she did love him, but that he had to let the relationship go. Today, about three years later, he is happily married and expecting his first child. He is still friends with his ex, and she is single and happy.

Now, how damaging could this have been if he hadn’t moved on? He would have kept talking with his ex and continuing to think they would eventually get back together. He could have spent many more years and money chasing a false hope. I am not saying these psychics were fakes. They were correct: she did love him, but there were more important forces at work.

When seeking a psychic reading, it's important to know who you are talking to.

There are online psychic services that have low or no screening policies in place. Some psychic services consider a “good psychic” as someone with good phone manners and strong conversational skills. This can leave a false impression on what it is to experience a real psychic reading.

For entertainment purposes, feel free to use any psychic or a friend who is starting out on their intuitive journey. When you are dealing with a more pressing concern, it's wise to seek professional guidance from a well experienced psychic professional with keen psychic intuition. I offer a list of current client testimonials of accurate psychic predictions.

Best of luck on your own intuitive journey!