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Four techniques to get yourself energetically grounded

james65 JAH Friday, September 28th 2012.

When a person is ungrounded, the rest of their energy may be all over the place. People who lose things frequently, who become hysterical or “hyper” who are spacey, who have trouble following direction, and who are not conscious of what they are doing or feeling are often ungrounded. When you are ungrounded, you are much more vulnerable to becoming the effect of whatever or whoever is around you.

For example: if you are ungrounded and are visit by an ungrounded friend who is in a foul mood, your disposition may be replaced by your friend's crankiness. If you are ungrounded and driving - you may become irritable at all the other drivers who are in a hurry or in your way.

In addition to securing you to the earth and harnessing your energy - grounded is a very effective means of releasing negative energy, or energy that is no longer serving you. For example: anxiety, stress and unwanted though.

Here are a few ways in which being grounded can make such a difference to our everyday life:

  • It can increases balance and stability in our physical and our emotional state.

  • Grounding also helps to create a bridge between Spirit and matter.

  • Brings life in to matter and to be able to bring our healing abilities into the physical.

  • You may gain a stronger connection to the earth plane.

  • Provides an outlet making the release (of energy) easier.

  • Allows the attainment of higher Spiritual and energetic levels.

Lets get started! Four techniques to ground yourself:

1) Visualize a grounding cord. A strong rope, a column of light, a tree or waterfall, an extensions of your legs, etc. … the grounding cord starts from you first chakra (located at the base of your spin). It extends down and connects you to the center of the earth. Whatever you are releasing drains out through your first charkra being pulled down your grounding cord with the help of the earths natural graviatational pull. Visualize what you are releasing reaching the center of the earth. It dissipates and returns to its original source.

2) Imagine roots growing down into the earth from your tailbone. Envision those roots going through the soil, past rocks and water, and connecting in to the molten center of the earth. Then, with each in-breath, focus on breathing in the energy of the earth through those roots--just as a tree draws in water and nutrients from the soil.

3) If you're somewhere where you need to think clearly and ground quickly, always bring your awareness to your breathing. You've probably slipped into shallow breathing - take several very deep breaths, sighing on the exhale to completely empty the lungs. Remember to feel your feet and envision your roots growing into the earth.

4) Eating and drinking water quickly help you ground! If you're spacey after a yoga class or meditation, drink some water and eat some chocolate!

Grounding is used in many forms but in this event it’s used to describe remaining in the present moment, remaining in the NOW, keeping yourself firmly grounded and your 'feet' on the ground rather than flying off into the Universe somewhere.

Article By Medium Marie