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Is the Law of Attraction Magic?

mediumMarie Medium Marie Saturday, July 27th 2013.

Aleister Crowley defined magic as "the science and art of causing change to occur in conformity with the will". Personally, it seems Crowley's definition of magick could define the Law of Attraction as well.

In all of the ancient mystical traditions, magicians, seers, and spiritual teachers taught their students about the importance of the four elements - Water, Air, Earth, and Fire. These four elements were considered the building blocks of life. Whether you're working with affirmations, power prayer, applied faith or 'magic' you'll need to incorporate these four elements, whenever you seek to create.

In this article you will find in detail, how one uses the four elements to create and manifest affirmations. Lets begin!

The four elements of Water, Air, Earth and Fire translate as feeling, intention, physical effort, and spiritual correctness:


Water (Emotion) - charge your affirmation with positive emotion.

Air (Intention)- Set your intention for your affirmation using imagery and words.

Earth (Physical Effort) - Make sure that you apply yourself to your goal through effort on the physical plane.

Fire (Soul) - Examine your affirmation to make sure that it is spiritually correct, in alignment with your personal sense of ethics and morals.


If you charge your affirmations with positive emotion, clear intent and physical effort, you will enhance the speed at which your affirmation will manifest.

Emotion - the energy of water

Water is feeling and emotion. All affirmations need to be charged with positive, passionate emotion. Any affirmation that you're doing without genuine, heartfelt emotion will fall flat and fail to manifest.

A droplet of water is instinctively drawn to other droplets of water. Then those droplets gather mass and strength and start to move together in one direction on their own. This is how the power of emotion works.

Emotion is the universal language of spirit. The unified field of energy we all live within is a feeling-based energy. So when you connect with emotion, you are immediately tapping into this field of energy. This can also be considered as plugging into the Universal Mind, God, Goddess or Great Spirit. This style of communication always requires genuine, heartfelt emotion to open up the bridge of contact.

This is why mystics have created so many teachings about opening up the heart and purifying our ability to love. When you connect with feelings of love and joy before you pray, meditate, or manifest, you spiritually plug into the Collective Consciousness. This Collective Consciousness is the field of intelligence that responds to your affirmations.

This can be love, kindness, compassion - it can also be joy, creative passion or spiritual zest and enthusiasm. All of these emotions light you up, illuminating your aura with sparkles of gold color and making the individual molecules of your auric field vibrate faster. When you are engaged with positive emotions in this way, the Universe pays attention. The mystical mystery bound up in the idea of the ancient element of Water is all about tapping into this flow of emotion, which in turn flows out to others and affects them on a subconscious level.

So when you work with emotions, sometimes it's helpful to think about water and how it flows. Your emotions are pouring out to others, affecting them at the subconscious level, and this helps them pick up on the message you are sending as you do your affirmations. This is the underlying energy behind the Law of Attraction - the art of radiating positive emotions outwards and inviting others to approach you with good things and wonderful situations.

You may find that people start giving you helpful information or tips on how to reach your goal. Or they might give you concrete tools that can help you manifest what you want. Helpers will pour out of the woodwork to bring you assistance. Affirmations charged up with positive emotion take on a unique magnetism.

Intention - the energy of Air

Air is intention setting through the use of the mind. You need to create a strong mental image about what you wish to manifest. You also need to use words to hold this image together. Write them down, say them out loud, or recite them silently to yourself. Intention setting involves imagery and language - both of which are the tools of the mind.

When you sit down to work with an affirmation, it might take a while to put together the proper mental framework. Some people like to cut out representative images from magazines, to create a dream board or collage that they can look daily. Other people are daydreamers who prefer to hold the image of what they want in their minds. Whether you cut out artwork that inspires you or compose a daydream image that you can focus on with your eyes closed, both visual techniques will add intent your affirmations.

The other part of setting an intention involves the use of words. Frame your affirmation in the present, like:


"I am manifesting wonderful cash flow," or
"I am feeling healthier every day."


The Universe responds very favorably when we maintain an attitude of thankfulness and appreciation. Try incorporating words that generate an emotion of joy and thankfulness. You can also experiment with stating your affirmation as if it has already manifested:


"I am so happy that this perfect, affordable, beautiful home has manifested for me."

"I am so happy that I have attracted a wonderful romantic partner easily, rapidly, and happily."


Words like "need" and "want" are strongly cautioned to avoid when manifesting - for they represent a lack.

Effort and Action - the energy of Earth

Earth is physical effort. If you don't take action on the physical plane in the direction of your goals, your affirmation will not manifest. Grounded effort on the earth plane is needed. Without effort, your affirmation is nothing more than wishful thinking.

Physical effort corresponds with the element of Earth, and it involves taking action on the earth plane that brings you closer to your goal. Sometimes this effort does not have to be aimed squarely at your goal. It should, however at least be in the overall direction of your goal. If you currently have zero connections to the thing you are trying to manifest, you might need to take some physical action. ...

Even if your intention is to win the lottery, you still have to get in the car, drive to the place that sells lottery tickets, and make a purchase! Physical effort is always involved when creating and manifesting. Again, without effort, your affirmation is nothing more than wishful thinking.

Soul - the energy of Fire

Fire is spiritual correctness or a sense of alignment with your Higher Self. Your goal has to be aligned with your personal principles and beliefs. If at your core you have moral qualms about what you wish to manifest, or if it goes against your personal principles, you will not be able to manifest it.The mind corresponds with the element of Air. Besides using feelings to create a successful affirmation, it's also important to use strong mental intent. When setting a powerful intention one should include a visual component.

Before you begin, ask yourself: Do you truly believe that your affirmation is appropriate. In short: is it something you truly wish to add to your life, or is it just something you're setting out to do just to see if you simply can do "it"?

For instance, some people who work with affirmations are sometimes focused on reuniting with an ex. Sometimes getting back your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is a healthy manifestation. Other times, I've seen people wanting to reunite with an ex partner just to see if they can. Personally, I believe it's best to focus on manifesting a healthy relationship. If a past partner happens to be your compliment, then the Universe will present them to you.

For an affirmation to be successful, it not only has to involve positive emotion, clear mental intention, and efforts made on the physical plane. It also has to be in alignment with your true self, your authentic spiritual sense of what is correct. Spiritual correctness and the soul correspond with the element of Fire.

When you are working with an affirmation, if you can't raise sufficient Fire around the affirmation, it will not manifest. You can only raise sufficient Fire if you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that you not only deserve to manifest the goal in question, but that it is in alignment with your soul's sense of what is correct and right.

If you charge your affirmations with positive emotion, use clear mental intent incorporating imagery and careful words, and also add in some physical effort on the earth plane, you will enhance the speed at which your affirmation will manifest. Happy Manifesting!