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June: Expanding Possibility

yiska Yiska Obadia, L.Ac. Wednesday, June 5th 2013.

During the month of June we reach the summer solstice which brings us to the most energetically expansive time of the year when the days are most long and hot. When it comes to the process of transforming our mental and emotional relationship with food, we are at our most expansive state of being when we break-through our limiting beliefs opening ourselves to other options and possibilities. In that most expansive state of being we are free to make new choices, to no longer be victims of past behaviors, attitudes, and experiences. 

This month we invite you to expand your awareness, to experience a summer solstice of the mind, as it relates to food. Notice when your mind is trapped by self-imposed assumptions and limitations related to your diet. For instance, when your mind feeds you the old thought that "you have to finish your plate, even if you're not hungry anymore" or that "you should just continue overeating because you've already started". Begin to question your head. Really?! Is that true? What else might be true? 

To practice this month:

  • Begin to question your thoughts about food, eating, and your weight. Rather than buying every thought you have, practice challenging the assumed. Must you really be thin to be happy? What about all the times you've experienced happiness at your heaviest weight, or unhappiness even when you reached your goal weight? Is that food really "comforting" if it causes your stomach to ache and mood to become depressed? It might even appear silly instead of serious to think for example that your mother is to blame for what you put in your mouth. Whose hand is that? Practice letting reality guide your choices, rather than your mind.
  • Eat without the distractions of television, driving, or being online. You will be more easily able to watch and catch your mind at work, not to mention enjoy your food more.
  • Write in a journal. Make it a daily practice to vent your thoughts and feelings on the page. Doing this often reveals surprising information and invites new perspectives. Even if you sat down and wrote once a week, we're certain it would make a difference.
  • Visit the website of Byron Katie, to learn more about the freedom of self-inquiry. Download the "judge your neighbor" or "one belief at a time" worksheets and do one.